How To Decorate a Wedding Arch

Exchanging “I do's” under wedding arches can be very romantic. A wedding arch is a symbol of love under one roof. It creates a personal, intimate feel, which many couples want to have. A wedding arch may be expensive to decorate. With all the bills, you may want a way to cut costs and yet keep that romantic atmosphere. You can easily do this by designing your own wedding arch. Designing your own wedding arch can be a fun project to do. Alternatively, if you have a friend who is getting married, a wedding arch customized just for them can be a very touching gift. Making a wedding arch is not that tough. All you need are a few simple ideas. You can decorate an attractive and sophisticated looking arch at half the cost.

Here are a few simple tips on how to decorate a wedding arch:

  1. Consider the motif of the wedding before designing your wedding arch. It has to accentuate the overall theme, as it is where the exchanging of vows will take place. It will be helpful to first make a sketch of the design of the wedding arch. Make sure that you take the correct measurements, so you won't have a problem when installing the arch. Also, bear in mind that the arch should leave some allowance for the bride’s gown.
  2. You have many options when it comes to the basic material of the arch. The arch is usually made of metal or wood. However, you are not limited to these materials. Make sure that you consider your motif or theme when choosing the material. If you find that crafting your own arch may be time-consuming or difficult, you can always rent a bare wedding arch.
  3. Be inventive when it comes to wedding arch decorations. Balloons are popular decorations for wedding arches as they are symbols of festivity. Make sure not to use bright colors when considering balloons. It would be best to choose lighter, softer colors, like white, cream or light pink for balloons. Flowers are also popular decorations as they add a romantic feel to the arch. Make sure that you consider the wedding motif when choosing your flowers. You can also use cloths or fabrics to decorate the arches. Adding a few lace accents can also be done. These can act as great accents for any design, provided that they are used sparingly and in good taste.
  4. Make sure that you secure your wedding arch decorations very well. You would not want them falling on the wedding couple during the exchanging of vows. Make sure that you place just enough hot glue, wire or securing materials. The base wedding arch itself should also be attached securely. Make sure to use durable materials so you don't have any accidents during the wedding.

There are a lot of ideas you can use to make your wedding arch romantic and elegant. Following these simple tips will help you design the best looking wedding arch at a budget friendly cost.


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