How To Decorate Flip Flops with Ribbon

 Colorful flip flops

Flip flops are comfortable, versatile and stylish. Nowadays, you can also decorate your own flip flops to customize their design. Whatever strikes your fancy; with a bit of ribbon, some accent pieces and a glue gun, you can make your flip flops into works of wearable and walkable art!

Here’s how to decorate flip flops with ribbon.

  1. If this is your first foray into flip flop decoration, try an inexpensive pair first. When you start the process, start with one slipper first.
  2. Prepare your materials. You will need a glue gun, some ribbon, the slippers and any other embellishments you would like to attach, such as buttons or rhinestones.
  3. Choose the ribbon that you would like to use. Keep in mind that your flip flops may get wet, so try to pick something wherein the color or dye won’t bleed on your feet. Don’t choose a ribbon that is too wide so there won’t be too much excess ribbon hanging off the top of the straps. If you will glue the ribbon directly on the strap, then pick a ribbon about half an inch wide. If you will wrap the ribbon along the length of the flip flop straps, then you can opt for something wider.
  4. You can decorate the flip flops by gluing the ribbon directly on the strap. Measure the length of the ribbon by placing it on top of the slipper strap and add extra two inches for the ends. Place a bit of glue on the ribbon then press it down directly on the strap. When you reach the t strap center, twist the ribbon around the strap and keep on gluing the ribbon on. When you reach the end, you can choose to fold in the ends and glue it on the strap, or wrap the ends on the strap for a more secure hold.
  5. You can also wind the ribbon around the length of the strap. Secure the end by wrapping it and placing a bit of glue to hold the ribbon in place. The more ribbons you use to wrap around the straps, the thicker the straps will become. You can put a bit of glue on the top to make sure your ribbon doesn’t unravel.
  6. As the ribbon and glue dries, clamp it down with clothespins. This will ensure that your ribbon is more securely fastened to the straps. Any excess glue may come off. Just wipe it off so it doesn’t dry into clumps.
  7. Once you have placed the ribbon and the glue has dried, you can add additional embellishments if you like.
  8. You can also choose to decorate the slippers with a ribbon by making a small bow or multi-bowed ribbon and attaching it to the center of the T strap.

This activity is fun and easy to do! It will only take a few minutes but a lot of imagination and creativity. You can even have you kids help out in this crafty project! Try it and wear your personalized flip flops with pride and pizazz!


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