How To Decorate Flip Flops with Trash Bags

When summer rolls around, it’s time to pack away the boots and bring out the flip flops. These summer staples are affordable, comfortable and versatile. Let out your creative juices and personalize your own flip flops with things you can easily find around the house!

As a unique decorating material, why not use trash bags! It’s fun, easy to do and very inexpensive. Here’s how to use trash bags to decorate your flip flops.

  1. If you can’t imagine how to use plastic garbage bags to decorate your slippers, relax. You don’t use the entire trash bag. You will only need strips of trash bag.
  2. Prepare your materials. You will need a pair of flip flops, scissors and a small trash bag.
  3. Choose inexpensive flip flops for this do it yourself project. If it doesn’t turn out well or you want a new look, you can always throw out the old pair and start over with a new one. The project will cost less than ten dollars so it’s ok to experiment. Try to use white flip flops or the same color as the trash bag you are using. Black flip flops for black trash bags, green for green, yellow for yellow and so on.
  4. Cut out the garbage bag into one inch wide strips, about four inches long. This will give you enough allowance to tie your garbage bags around the straps.
  5. Knot the strips of garbage bag along the length of the straps. Start of the T part of the strap and work your way out. The closer together your strips of trash bag, the more ruffles you will create. Make sure you tie the knots securely. Otherwise, you could find your garbage strips unfurling as you are walking around the mall or beach!
  6. Trim the edges of the garbage bag straps with scissors. For a more unique look, use contoured craft scissors so you can use a scallop design, or zigzag edge.
  7. Another way to use garbage bags as a decorative element on your flip flops is to make a bow or flower. Cut out a 4-inch wide strip of garbage bag. Secure one end and wrap the remaining length around but crinkle the bottom. The bottom part is secured together while the top pat ruffles out. This will make a rose or flower design. Tie the bottom or stem part with a piece of string or florist tape or wire. When you have your flower, attach it to the strap of your flip flops with either some florist tape or wire. Trim down the flower as needed.

Decorate your flip flops to distinguish your slippers from everyone else’s at the beach or at the swimming pool steps. It’s a fun project to bring out your personality and get creative. Even children can do this project, but may need a grown up to tie the garbage bags securely to the strap of the slippers. Have fun!


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