How To Decorate Your Pencils

Decorated pencils make great gifts, and they are great for back-to-school. They are fun and easy to make, and the only limit to the designs you can create is your imagination. In addition to making plain number two pencils less boring, decorated pencils are also easier to keep track of, so your child is less likely to lose them.

One of the simplest ways to decorate a pencil only requires scissors, wrapping paper, and glue. Cut a piece of wrapping paper to the length of your pencil. Wrap it around the pencil and few times and glue in place. Viola! Your pencil is now more fun and colorful. Another simple pencil decoration requires wire and beads. Cut a piece of wire to roughly 4 - 5 inches. Bend down one end of the wire, and string beads on the other end. Bend the other end of the wire down to hold the beads in place and snip off any excess wire. Wrap the wire tightly around your writing instrument, and you’re done! Beads can also be used to make a dangling decoration. String the beads on a piece of string or ribbon as desired, leaving a small end of string for hanging. When finished, carefully remove the eraser from your pencil. Place the end of the string in the holder for the eraser with a few dots of glue, and replace the eraser. Allow this to dry before using the pencil.

There are also several more elaborate ways to decorate pencils. One popular technique allows you to transform your pencil into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind flower. You will need green florist’s tape, wire cutters, and an artificial flower. Begin by trimming the stem of the flower to about 1 inch long and removing any leaves. Hold the flower against the pencil so the flower rests on top of the eraser. Tightly wrap the florist’s tape around the flower stem and pencil. Continue wrapping all the way to the tip of the pencil. You can also create a fun topper for your pencil using feathers and wiggly eyes. Carefully remove the pencil’s eraser and put a small amount of glue in the hole. Arrange feathers in the hole, and attach wiggly eyes to the feathers. You instantly have a fun character on your pencil!

There are countless other methods for decorating pencils. All you need to get started is a pencil, basic supplies such as glue, beads, or feathers, and a creative imagination.


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