How To Design a Jewelry Box

You already have a great collection of jewelry. But having the most beautiful jewelry is not enough. You should have a nice and beautiful jewelry box, too. Now, if the jewelry boxes you find in the market are not beautiful enough, why don't you make one? If you can't make a box, you can always design a box and turn it into the most beautiful jewelry box. Isn't that more beautiful to get a personalized jewelry box?

Here are the steps and some tips you'll have to follow when designing a jewelry box:

  1. Have a jewelry box. You can buy a plain box made out of wood, glass, or other materials of your choice. This box can be designed with its own sections so you can have the sections that will be ideal for the jewelries you have. If you can, making your own jewelry box is better. This way, you can control the dimension of the box and how it will be made for your comfort. Wooden box can be painted and designed with stones, crystals, and other materials. Other materials for jewelry boxes like a glass will be difficult for designing. Anyway, whatever material make-up you choose is okay for as long as it appeals to your taste.
  2. Plan the jewelry box design. Think of how you want your jewelry box be designed. Do you want it to look sophisticated, antique, brightly colorful, or just a plain clean one? Get ideas from the Net if you're running out of some. Once you've finalized your planned jewelry box, it's time to prepare the materials.
  3. Prepare design materials. After planning the design, list down all the materials you will need to complete the design, not only the embellishments like stones, crystals, beads, and buttons but other materials you will need like glue, thread, scissors, paint brush, and stamps.
  4. Design the jewelry box. Start materializing your planned design. This is where the fun starts but this is the most critical. You may make mistakes these can be reparable when designing. Some design mistakes may even turn out to be the best focal point of your design. So when you make mistake, don't worry so much and do something about it.


Designing your own jewelry box can be fun and a great way to release the artist in you. However, never start designing your box without reading the following:

  • Function is king. When designing, never forget the box's function. It is a jewelry box and it should work effectively as a jewelry box. That means that when you design it, make sure that the design will not compromise the thing as a jewelry box.
  • Too much is bad. It's not bad to have a lot of ideas in mind. But it is not good to put all those ideas on your jewelry box. Cluttered design is a disaster.

Get help from jewelry design experts when designing your jewelry. Maybe you need a hand engraving something on the wooden box. It's a great idea also to use the things you already have when designing instead of buying new ones. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the important thing is the box's function and its beauty that appeals to your taste.


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