How To Develop the Creativity Mindset

Being highly creative begins with having the right creative mindset. What this means is having the outlook, attitude and beliefs that will support you in being as creative as you can be. Unless this is in place, your creativity will always be compromised and you’ll only create at a fraction of the level you’re capable of.

Getting the creativity mindset can be broken down into 7 key steps.  Here’s how to develop each one:

  1. Believe you CAN be creative. This has to be the starting point for building a strong creativity mindset. Whatever else you do, if you don’t believe you CAN be creative, this will always sabotage your attempts in trying. A powerful way of building this belief is to look at your creative high points in the past. Think back to the creative triumphs you’ve been most proud of, and the times when you created most freely. Gather the evidence of how creative you can be. Once you start looking, you’ll be impressed at just how creative you have been in your life, and how often.
  2. Believe you WILL be creative again. Now that you’ve reminded yourself how creative you CAN be, turn your focus to believing you WILL be at least this creative again. Creative inspiration isn’t a completely random phenomenon that comes and goes as it pleases. There are many techniques you can follow, many areas of your creative life you can hone and adjust to help raise your creativity levels and lower your resistance to creating. You’ve been creative before, so you know how. With focus and commitment, you will be highly creative again.
  3. Inspiration and ideas are everywhere. A crucial part of the creativity mindset is knowing that ideas are all around you, waiting to be plucked from the air and crafted into something wonderful. If you believe that good ideas are strictly rationed to 3 per lifetime, or only allocated to a chosen few, then you’ll always struggle to have them. A simple way to demonstrate how freely ideas come is to take three random objects from around you and imagine how they might fit into a short story. Instantly your creative mind will start coming up with a series of ideas, connections and images.
  4. Creativity habits are the key. If you create erratically and only when you feel “in the mood,” you’ll more than likely find that you’re in the mood less and less often, until you’re not creating anything. The key to unlocking your creative potential is forming the creativity habits that are right for you. This is a key part of the creativity mindset, and once you accept the need for creativity habits, you can begin finding the times and ways of creating that work best for you.
  5. Creativity will never leave you. Many of us fear that creativity is a finite source within us, that we are only allowed to create so much per day, or per lifetime, and once we use that allowance up, we won’t ever be able to create again. Creativity is a core part of every person--it’s impossible to NOT be creative. Your creative talents and gifts are unique to you and are yours for life. It’s up to you whether you put them on your mantelpiece and admire them or get down to using them each and everyday, as they were meant to be used.
  6. The more you create, the more you’ll create. This element of the creativity mindset extends to many areas, from the moment of having an idea to reaching a point of completion in a creative project. Creativity is all about flow, and it takes far more energy and effort to get something started than to keep it flowing. Once you have that momentum, by applying the same amount of time and effort consistently, your creativity will grow and strengthen and flow more easily with each passing day. The more you create, the more you lubricate your creativity channels and create even more freely!
  7. You have a duty to yourself and the world to express your creative talents. For many of us, a large part of why we create is about self-expression and discovery. But know also that there are people in the world just waiting to receive your creative work and message, that will be moved and inspired in a way they only can be by you. And there are more of these people than you can ever reach in your lifetime. So you don’t just have the ABILITY to create, you have the obligation and the DUTY to create, and to positively inspire others by your work.

These are the 7 key elements to developing the creativity mindset that will allow you to be freely creative for the rest of your life. Which parts of the mindset do you already have in place? Which can you choose to embrace a little more to enhance your creativity from today?

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From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin

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