How To Display Coin Collections

Whether you want to display a personal collection in your home or create displays for coin shows or your own shop, you can find or create the perfect display.

Walking into someone's home and seeing a coffee table display of coins would definitely be a conversation starter. The only drawback to showing coins that way would be that only one side of the coin is visible. Most collectors prefer that both sides of the coin are visible.

The Whitman company publishes a line of collector folders that are made so that both sides of the coin can be seen. These books could be placed on the coffee table or other area. They are very sturdy and the coins do not slip out of the slots. The regular Whitman folders could be used and just placed laid out open, inside a recessed coffee table top. You can build a simple wood  frame box with plexiglass on the top that is the exact size of the table. Stain the wood so it matches the table. Finish the box with a small latch so you can easily access  the coins inside.

Another idea would be to use a piece of  mat board and cut recessed circles to the exact size of the coins. Place the coins in the recesses and cover the front and back of the board with plexiglass. This way both sides of the coins can be seen and it can be hung on the wall.

Create a great gift for a child or an adult by placing all the coins from their year of birth in mat board and framing it. To make it more unique add a small collection of the postage stamps from that year also. For the child it will be an investment that will increase in value as they grow older. It's also a great hobby to get children started on.

Adults like these kinds of gifts, too, so if you want to save some money on gift giving, create framed displays using the coins that you have more than one of.

Individual coin folders can be purchased very inexpensively. Coin shops normally have these for sale or you can find them online. There are several websites that offer them for sale.

There are several types of display cases that are usually sold by coin dealers. Visit coin shops and coin shows and look at the ways available for displaying a coin collection.


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