How To Do a Grapevine in Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing and jazz dancing share a common move called “a grapevine.” It is a combination of several steps and is seen in characteristically fast dances such as in the quickstep. The move can also be slowed down however in dances such as the waltz. Having a hard time? Well have no fear, follow these simple steps and you’ll be the envy of many a dancer when you perfect this move!

  • Watch yourself dance. You need to see yourself first. Using a mirror is a good way to help improve your dancing as a whole. Start by looking at yourself and prepare to do a grapevine. Let us go to the right first. Step to the side; use your right foot for this. Follow after with your left foot putting it behind your right. Keep in mind that the weight is on the left foot during this motion. The use of a mirror or any reflective mechanism can help you assess your strong and weak points. It can further intensify your strengths and address your weaknesses efficiently. If you want, you can also record a video of your routine.
  • Use your feet. Okay step two, you’re doing good. Step out on the right foot once again but now bring your left foot in front in this with the weight upon it. Those are the two simple steps in a grapevine, the cross and the step.
  • Don’t step, just jump! When doing the move for a faster dance such as the quickstep you need to jump onto each foot, rather than just stepping onto it. Remember the count when dancing! It is paramount to your success! Knowing how fast one needs to go keeps one’s rhythm in check and creates more flow in your dancing.
  • Create your own dance routine. Doing to the left is just as simple, merely in the reverse. Left then cross behind with the right. Take a step to the left and cross in front with the right this time to finish the move. Simple! As long as you’re set with the steps, you can now work on stringing several grapevines together. Try doing them in a circle and then in any direction you want.
  • Practice is key. If you want to grow as a dancer, practice and motivation are the secret ingredients. Nothing is more effective than getting the training you need in order to fulfill a goal. If you are dancing to compete in dance sport events and competitions, hiring a reputable dancing coach with talent and good communication skills can be a success indicator.

The grapevine comes up in all kinds of places. There have been grapevines in country line dance or even in an aerobics class. A good mastery of the dance –or even a basic grasp –will orient to other forms of dancing. Ultimately, the grapevine is a dance common to many more than just jazz and ballroom. Remember that when performing to keep you best food forward and always enter and exit with a warm and friendly smile.


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