How To Do Canvas Painting with Acrylic Paints

As an artistic person, you are lucky to be living at a time when art expression can be done through so many types of media. There are many techniques and tools you can use to create your masterpiece. One is through acrylic painting. Making a canvas portrait or a canvas landscape can bring out all of the spectacular ideas in your head. How can you do canvas painting with acrylic paints? Follow these steps below.

  1. Prepare your painting materials. You will need acrylic paints. Purchase a wide range of colors so that you do not need to stop to buy a missing color once you start. You also need the canvas and drawing materials in drafting your idea. Get a sponge to clean up the details. Do not forget your brushes.
  2. Find a workspace where you have a sturdy table to work on and a chair to sit on. A place with good natural light will do. After all, you want to be comfortable when you’re painting.
  3. Canvas can be easily bought, as there are pre-made ones. If you want a deeper connection with your creation, be the one to stretch the canvas. Securely place the canvas on the bars because once you paint, the chemical extends the fabric. Check for stretching canvas steps in this website called Snitzerart at
  4. Keep in mind that you need to use quality paints, which can be expensive. Save up if you are planning on maintaining this hobby.
  5. Use a charcoal or pencil to draft an outline of what you want to paint. If you are going to paint a portrait, start with charcoal drafts which artists prefer. Draw the image and then start painting. It is better to have a foundation than painting around ending up with a distorted image.
  6. Acrylics can dry up pretty fast, which means that you need to use extenders to keep your fresh moist when painting under the sun. Once the paint has set, you will be unable to correct any mistakes except by painting over the errors, which can create blotches.
  7. Acrylic painting is not pastel painting and the stains you get in the course of painting are tough stains. Wear old clothes because acrylic paint is very difficult to remove on clothing.
  8. Compared to watercolor, this paint does not change in color after it dries out. The acrylic’s brightness and texture remains.
  9. To make some edges, you can do what resourceful artists do and put on masking tape. You can do this if you are painting mountains. Jagged areas would make it more realistic and tapes will certainly do the trick.
  10. Make sure to clean your paint brushes by dipping these in water. Otherwise, paint can harden on the surface of the brush.

A painting that you personally made is a great way to express creativity and while away time. Once you have finished a painting, you can place it in your living room where it will serve as the perfect conversation piece between you and your friends.


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