How To Do Coin Magic Tricks

A magician knows that the easiest way to capture a crowd's attention and keep them entertained, is with good magic. When the magician is prepared for a performance, he will be at his best. For budding magicians, or even those who just want to know some basic and simple tricks, to entertain family and friends, coin tricks are the way to go! There exists a large repertoire of coin tricks and we'll talk about a couple of the easier ones here.

Step 1

Trick 1. Place your palm, face down, on the upturned palm of an audience member. With your other hand, place a coin on the top of your hand. Now, make the coin go through to the hand of the audience member with one quick cuff.  For this trick, you'll need transparent tape or magician's wax, two identical coins and good practice at palming a coin.

At the time of putting your palm on the audience member's palm, you need to be cupping one coin. You should place your hand fast enough for the coin not to fall and the person not to sense it with his palm.

Put the other coin on the top of your hand.

The transparent tape should already be fixed in the palm of your other hand, that one which is not on the audience member's hand.

Swiftly slap the coin on the hand, ensuring it gets stuck to the tape /wax. Move that hand away.

Now, remove your hand (palm facing down) slowly and allow the audience to witness the magic - of how the coin passed from the top of your hand to their palm.

Step 2

Trick 2. Place a coin on a table only to have it vanish when picked up.

Keep the coin on the table using your left hand.

Now get people's attention, let's say by saying,'how about some magic?'

Keep your right hand on the coin by pressing down with the index, middle and third fingers,

Move the coin in your direction all the while keeping the hand and arm parallel to the table. Remember that the coin should not be seen once your hand is on it.

On reaching the table's edge, the coin should be slid off the table and onto your lap.

Hold your thumb to the middle finger just like you would when picking up a coin. Your fingers must be in closed position now.

Look with apparent focus at the spot where the coin should be and continue doing so as you move your hand back, above the table and spot where the coin originally was.

Make circular movements with your thumb as if you are at work getting the coin to disappear.

Then, turn your hand with great effects and deliberation, so that the palm is facing the group. Next, open out your fingers and gasp in surprise!

Now your drama classes should come to your aid. The more astonished you act by the disappearance of the coins and treat it as a wonder, the more members of the audience will love your trick.

The tricks listed here are just to get you started. There is a fantastic array of coin tricks, which are available for any aspiring and dedicated magician to learn and perform, and continue amazing people. Cop some of these tricks for your next party and take a bow, Merlin!


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