How To Do the Brain Twister Yo-Yo Trick

The original yo-yo from the Philippines was a weapon. Modern yo-yos can still be used as a weapon but they’re not anymore that effective with the many better weapons available in the market. Besides, why use yo-yo as a weapon if it is more fun to use it as a toy?

Playing a yo-yo is not just about knowing how to throw it and keep the flat spool spinning. It involves familiarizing the science behind how a yo-yo moves and what tricks can be done to show your expertise. You may not be the best yo-yo player yet but with constant practice, it’s not impossible you can be one soon. Try a more challenging yo-yo trick now—the brain twister. This is easier compared to other intermediate yo-yo tricks, yet, the moves are pretty impressive. Learn the basic brain twister first and then try the innovative versions or more advanced yo-yo trick after that.

Basic Brain Twister

  • Throw the slipper and let the yo-yo spin and swing away from you. Keep the yo-yo swinging to prepare for Step 2.
  • Position your free hand’s index finger near your chest while the yo-yo is swinging. Come with your finger from your body (inside the string) and then move your finger towards the string.
  • Push the yo-yo string away from you so that your index finger traps the string. Slowly lift up the trapped string while you are pulling your throw hand down.
  • Thread the string being held by your throw hand into the yo-yo. You are at the right track if the yo-yo is still spinning after you have threaded another string between the spools. At this point, your free hand’s index finger is serving like a hook where the two strings are hanging.
  • Thread the string around the yo-yo. Do that by lifting the string being held by your throw hand. The string should keep itself in between the spool.
  • Flip the yo-yo over. At this point, your free hand is above your throw hand. Now use your index finger of your throw hand to flip the yo-yo over. This time, your throw hand is above your free hand.
  • Flip the yo-yo back out. Move the free hand downwards until your index finger is free from holding the string.

Advanced Brain Twister

Master the basic brain twister and after that, you can try to innovate on the trick like doing more flips instead of one. Remember the step where you are flipping the yo-yo over after threading it again? Instead of flipping it over once, flip it several times. The look of this advanced brain twister is impressive yet it is easy to do once you’ve mastered the basic trick.

The basic brain twister can also lead to more advanced yo-yo tricks like doing the Ferris Wheel dismount.

One basic brain twister takes only about seven seconds to complete. For now, expect some difficulties and maybe a longer time to finish the trick. The hardest part of doing this is threading the string without stopping the yo-yo from spinning. Just keep on practicing and you’ll get better and better the more you do the trick.


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