How To Donate Books to Soldiers and Veterans

Soldiers and veterans keep a country safe. They sacrifice their life for the betterment of the country and its people and they deserve to receive gratitude from the citizenry. One of the ways to prove to them that you are thankful for what they did and still doing to preserve democracy and civil rights, is to send them care packages and donate books and other reading materials to the various organizations in support of veterans and soldiers. It is quite easy to make book donations. Here’s how.

  1. You can make a cash donation to the various groups which handle care packages for veterans and soldiers. They usually have a list of book titles that the soldiers wish for and these are the books that they purchase for shipment.
  2. Check out some of the websites of groups and organizations that handle book donations for soldiers in active duty, those in training and veterans. One such site is Books for Soldiers. You can visit the site to learn more on how to become a book donor. There is also a section that will give you mailing guidelines. You can also check the list of book titles that are requested. Books to be sent should be in paperback editions.
  3. You can also be a volunteer shipper. Check out the list of titles that are frequently requested by soldiers and veterans. Collect these types of book from your own home, from family and friends. You can find some books that are available during library sales. The books should be in very good condition. Sign up with any one of the agencies that handle care packages for soldiers. They will provide you with a name or a troop and their address. You should address the books directly to a soldier. Indicate if the donation is for the individual or for the whole troop. Include an introductory card with your shipment to let the recipient/s know who you are.
  4. Follow the mailing guidelines set by the agency. For example, Books for Soldiers use a flat rate boxes available for free from the US Postal Service. The shipping rate is very minimal and affordable and you can cram as much items that the box can hold. You should use the complete address that will be given to you. You should include your return address so that the box will not be tagged as suspicious and destroyed by the Defense Department.
  5. Instead of just books, fill up the flat rate box with other care items such as personal grooming items, music CDs and DVDs, snacks and candies, penlight batteries, eye wash, zip lock bags in different sizes, chewing gum, powdered energy drinks, disposable razors and unscented baby wipes in small packets. These are some of the items that you can include with your shipment of donated books.

Use one of the agencies to get the required information, but it is recommended that you send the book donations personally. The Books for Soldiers group does not handle shipping for your donation. They provide the right information for you to be able to send your donations directly to the soldier.


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