How To Download a TV Show's Opening Theme Song

Watching your favorite TV shows can be quite addicting. You may be a fan of that funny hospital show or that intelligent crime story. These television shows sometimes have the most memorable opening theme songs. You just want to download it on your iPod or simply have it on your laptop to play each time you want. You can search and download these songs, you just have to know where to find it. Try to see if the websites listed below have that song that you need.

EZ Tracks. EZ Tracks is a colorful website that can have you browsing for different types of music. They have three different tabs, which has featured theme songs, new themes and more TV themes. Each song has a download button, once you click on this you will be taken to the download page. You would need to download a music manager software to get the opening intro of that TV show that you want though. It only takes a few seconds, run it and you got it. If you are a fan of social networking sites, you can even share that ending theme of your favorite hit series by clicking on the share button. There is also an option to get a ringtone but it takes you to another site that has a monthly fee.

Zedge. This is a website where you can download TV themes as ringtones. What you need to do is click on the Download page. Type what you need in the search box then pick ringtones on the dropdown box and search. You can bring up lists of gundam themes, gravitation theme, evangelion theme and many others. For example, if you bring out the evangelion theme song, you can choose to download it on your pc and run the software. If you want to download it directly to your mobile phone, you need to go to the website then enter the code given on the website. It is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate.
Television Tunes. You should not miss passing by Television Tunes. It makes your search easier by browsing from letters A to Z. It will list down numerous TV shows, TV shows you love and even shows you have already forgotten. It is a free site and not at all difficult to download songs from. Try going on F and select the Friends show, It will ask you if you just want to open or save the file in your computer. That opening theme song will start playing on your windows player in just a bit after selecting what you want. It is really easy, visit their website.

The shows that you watch can make you appreciate the characters, the plotline but also the music. When you want to recall how much fun you had watching the show, you can always opt to listen to that opening theme song. Browse all the sites, go to the ones that does not charge at all and enjoy downloading.


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