How To Download the Jeopardy Theme Song

For almost a generation of trivia junkie families and cliques, Jeopardy has become a nightly habit that has pitted their wits and general knowledge against the three strangers in the game show studio. The show has inspired many other programs with similar formats that seek to know who has the most knowledge about the obscure recesses of trivia. Winners are also tested not just in their ability to give the proper question for each answer, but to also amass as much money as possible, as well as produce the longest winning streak in the history of the show.

Many companies and classes have used an adaptation of the show as a game show during special events such as parties and get together events. Along with the other fan favorite Family Feud, Jeopardy has definitely become entrenched in just about everybody’s minds. It’s definitely a pop culture icon that has spanned the various gaps of race, age, gender and social status. Everybody wants to learn something new and cool so it’s no surprise that after over twenty-five years, it’s still going strong in its own time slot.

Most parties and events will want to use the Jeopardy format when running question-and-answer games or activities. The game wouldn’t be complete if the music were not playing. Jeopardy has a signature thirty-second ditty played every time contestants think and scribble their answers on the monitor in front of them.  This has a lot of folly and tongue-and-cheek humor attached to it already since a lot of people feel stressed and pressured when they hear this relatively cheery and simple tune.

There are a few ways of getting your own copy of the Jeopardy theme file.

  • Through peer to peer sharing. Perhaps the fastest way to acquire a copy of the Jeopardy theme is through peer-to-peer sharing services like BitTorrent. You can simply access any Torrent directories like and to download the .torrent file. Any reputable Torrent client would be useful when you’re actually downloading the file already.
  • Direct download. If you know where to search, you can find the Jeopardy theme as a direct .mp3 download. An example direct download can be found on the site, which even has a sample game in PowerPoint format.
  • Streaming audio. You can check video sharing sites like for a streaming audio of the theme song. Some sites like  let you play the audio in a stream right on your browser, or download the music as an .mp3 file.
  • As sheet music. If you’re musically inclined, you can do your own rendition of the Jeopardy theme on your keyboard (or other musical instrument). You can get copies of the sheet music on Music Notes, as a guide.

Apart from serving as background or “think” music during contests and events, the Jeopardy theme can also be a great addition to any TV theme collector’s archive. Of course, you would want the best quality copy here, so it would pay to try various renditions and recordings available online before settling for any particular one.


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