How To Draw a Cartoon Caricature of a Girl with Pigtails

Caricature drawing is an art form in which an image of a person is given some exaggerations. Most of the time, these exaggerations are done on the features of the person that are most noticeable. For example, if a man has a relatively large nose, the caricature can further enlarge the nose such that it looks silly.

The same goes for drawing other kinds of characters. What’s important to remember is to draw the image with focus on the recognizable trait. You don’t necessarily have to make fun of the character, but rather you should add emphasis to that part of the character’s face or body that stands out the most.

What you need:

  • Drawing materials: caricature drawing usually involves felt-tipped markers, but you can use pencils for practice.
  • Reference picture
  • Paper

How to do it:

  • Start with the eyes. Caricatures are usually drawn with very vivid expressions. You can start with oval-shaped eyes. To give the drawing a feminine look, slant the oval a bit inward and give the eyes some eyelashes. Draw large pupils with a small white dot at the center of each eye. Make sure that the white dots on each eye face the same direction, so that the eyes look as if they’re going toward the same direction.
  • Add feminine-looking eye brows and a small nose, to make the picture look like a little girl.
  • Draw the caricature’s lips. Make the bottom lip a bit pouty, to make the caricature look feminine.
  • Then, draw the character’s chin. This should help form the basis of her hair. Because you are drawing a younger girl, the chin, cheeks, and the entire face should be a bit rounder (to give the impression of baby fat).
  • Draw the ears. Since your character has her hair in pigtails, the ears should be visible from the front.
  • Then draw sides of the hair, with a partition down the middle. The girl’s pigtails should be seen toward the back of her ears, going down the shoulder.


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