How To Draw a Caveman

This is an activity for those with some preliminary ideas and experience in drawing, though even beginners can attempt this. When drawing a caveman, it is important to exaggerate the hair - facial as well as body - the face should appear more apish and the digits - fingers and toes should be thick and hairy. Follow the instructions listed below to get started.

Step 1

Basic face. Start with the face which should look a broad shield or trophy with the end tapering into the chin. You do not need to draw a full shield, just the lower half will do. Cover the top part of the shield with lots of scraggly lines to look like unkempt bushy hair. Repeat the scraggly lines in the lower half of the shield to form the beard. A single dark line through the beard will depict the mouth. In the space between the hairline and the beard, fill in the eyes and nose. Remember the eyebrows should be very bushy, nearly obscuring the eyes, while the nostrils must be bigger in proportion.

Step 2

Body shape. Draw a semi-circle shape resembling an overturned coop for the body of the caveman. On either side draw two stumps for the hands, ending each stump in thick stubby fingers. Similarly at the bottom line of the semi-circle, draw another two thick stumps for the legs, ending in feet with stubby and big toes.

Step 3

Making it hairy. Use a lot of short squiggly lines to fill up the entire coop shape of the body to resemble a hairy hide. The part just above the legs should look line an uneven tattered hemline. Sketch in more hair-like lines thickly on both the forearms and the legs.

Step 4

Adding the club. To add the final touch, you can add a club dragging on the ground, held between the fingers of either hand, depending on whether your caveman is left or right handed.

This drawing of a caveman is really easy to do if you use any picture or comic strip figure as a reference while you are drawing. Just make sure to make your caveman as hairy as you can. With practice, you will find that this will get easier as time goes by.


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