How To Draw a Chicago Cubs Logo

Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes. And where there is baseball, there are favorite teams. If you’re a fan of the Major Leagues, you would most certainly know the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are part of the National League’s Central Division. While they haven’t won a World Series in 102 years, they’re usually called the “Lovable Losers,” given their still many fans.

The Cubs’ primary uniform color is blue. They’re usually either in blue stripes on white, grey or all-blue, but their ball caps are always blue. This gives the Cubs logo a striking contrast, because it’s mainly in red.

Drawing a Chicago Cubs logo is fairly simple. In a gist, it’s the word “Cubs” in red inside a blue circle. Here are some of the details.

What you need:

  • White background or white paper
  • Blue colored marker
  • Red colored marker
  • Compass, for accurate circles

How to do it:

  • Get yourself some drawing space. You will need a blank paper or canvas, with a white background.
  • Draw a circle. Make it large.
  • Draw another circle within the primary circle. The space between the two circles should be about an eighths of an inch. This should form the outer circle. The color should be blue.
  • Draw another circle within the outer circle. The space should be just a guide for the inner images.
  • Inside the space, draw a letter C. This should almost be a semicircle, taking up the outer edge of the center. The ends should be at about an inch in between.
  • Add small caps U, B, and S inside the big C.
  • The letters C, U, B, and S should be colored red.
  • Add the “TM” logo right below the S.
  • The final image should look like a blue circle with the word CUBS inside. The C should almost be circular in shape.


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