How To Draw a Heart

You don't need to be an artist to draw a heart. Drawing a heart is simple and any one can do this very easily. You can draw it either free-hand or use some simple, everyday objects to help you in creating the outline of a perfect-looking heart. You can draw or create hearts using a variety of materials, but to begin, start simply with pencil and paper and maybe a couple of other objects. Read on to find out what they are...

Step 1

Materials needed.

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Any circular object such as a coin, large button, etc, depending on the size of the heart

Step 2

Freehand drawing. This is one of the trial and error methods you can use to draw a heart. For this you only need the paper, pencil and eraser from the materials listed in step one. To begin, draw the number 3 horizontally on the paper with its open sides facing downwards. Next, from each of the extreme ends of the 3 shape, draw two lines which flow downwards to meet each other in the shape of a V. Play around with the shape to avoid having it look too symmetrical and straight, shade a slight curve around the two lines of the V to give it a more realistic look.

Step 3

Using the circular object and ruler. In the second method, instead of drawing the heart freehand, use the circular object you've chosen and the ruler to draw.

Step 4

Drawing the top half. Use the coin or button to draw two semi-circles on the paper. Place the coin or button on the paper and using a pencil draw around the top half of the circumference to get the first semi-circle. Next move the coin to the right side of the first half circle and draw another one such that the two ends of the half circles meet each other.

Step 5

Drawing the lower half. Using the ruler, draw two lines from the outer ends of the half circles, with the lines slanted toward each other to meet in a V.

Step 6

Finishing the heart. As in step two, use the pencil and eraser to get rid of too perfect curves or lines, run the pencil over the entire outline without using the coin/button or ruler to give it a realistic wobbly feel.

You can practice with any of the two methods described above to create hearts in different sizes. Graduate to using color - paints, color pencils or crayons - to make the heart look colorful and attractive.


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