How To Draw a Rebel Flag

A rebel flag conveys a lot of meaning. Aside from being Northern Virginia's battle flag, it symbolizes a lot of other things such as the greater importance of States rights than that of human and national rights. This flag is also associated with many other names such as the Dixie, Stars and Bars, Confederate flag, and Southern Cross.

A rebel flag is not at all a hard thing to do. Hence, anyone, even you, can successfully draw your own flag without much difficulty. Here, start this project and make your way into drawing your very own rebel flag:

  • Prepare all the things needed for the flag. Grab a legal size white paper, ruler, pencil, and eraser for the drawing process. Markers, colored pencils, and crayons will all be needed to finish the look of the flag later on the process.
  • Mark the heart of the paper. Mark the centermost point of the legal sized paper and work on it horizontally. Draw a diagonal line from the mark at the paper's center to its outside corner. This will give you two long diagonal lines crossing each other or the letter X. Take note that a legal size paper must be used because the flag today is rectangular and not anymore a square.
  • Work on the stripes of the flag. Work on the stripes' outer edges by drawing a line that is parallel to the slanting line around half an inch above it. Do the same thing for the other slanting line. Then, work the same thing half an inch below each diagonal line to complete the stripes' outer edges.
  • Work on the borders of the stripes. Draw a parallel line around one-fourth inch right above the lower edge of each stripe. Draw a same line with the same size right below the upper edge of both stripes.
  • Clear the lines. Since the stripes are already completed, clear the two diagonal lines that you have drawn on Step 2. Same is true for the lines at the flag's center to clear the area where the stripes are crossing each other.
  • Draw a star. Draw a star right at the heart of the flag. This is the place where the stripes are crossing each other. The star must be five-pointed.
  • Draw other stars. Each portion of the stripes must have three stars evenly distributed in the space. Hence, there will be a total of nine stars in each stripe not including the center star. All the stars must total to 13 as they represent the 13 confederate states during the war.
  • Color the flag. Prepare your coloring materials and assign colors to each of the detail of the flag. The stars must be colored white, the stripes must be blue, and the borders must be white too. Then, the triangular portions outside of the stripes must be colored red.

A rebel flag, as in the past, brings a lot of controversies. Hence, when doing this project, be very careful on how you will be using it. There are a lot of people that show great respect to this flag so better treat a rebel flag with the same respect you show for your country's flag.


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