How To Draw a Simple Rose

Many people think that drawing flowers will be very difficult and complicated, but this is not so. There are several different ways to draw a flower that almost anyone can make.

Step 1

Gather your supplies. For best results, use a pencil with a good eraser on drawing paper. You should not try to draw your first rose using pen or non-erasable colored pencils. Once you have the steps down, then experiment with colored pencils to make a beautiful array of roses.

Step 2

Begin with the structure of the rose. First, draw a circle with a slightly wavy line extending from it, like a balloon. The line will be the stem, while the circle is the center of your rose flower. Above the circle, draw a halo. This will become the top of the petals.

Step 3

Connect the pieces. Connect the halo and the circle with a line on each side, curved slightly inward. Now draw lines from the base of the circle outward, curving to the right on the right side of the rose and to the left on the left side of the rose. These will form the basis for petals.

Step 4

Finish the stem. Add a few triangular thorns and leaves to the stem. The leaves should be oval, with pointed ends. Make sure not to make your thorns too large, or they will overwhelm your beautiful rose. You can add a few straight lines for veins in the leaves, if you like.

Step 5

Finish the petals. Now, return to the curved lines you created in step 3 to form the petals. For the petal on the left, make a slightly S-shaped curved line from the outer end of the first line of the pedal to the base of the circle, ending to the right of where the first line began. For the petal on the right, draw a straight line sloped slightly downward from the endpoint of the petal line to the side of the rose.

Step 6

Finish the top of the rose. For many people, the hardest part is getting to the top of the rose to look like a piece of rolled paper. To do this, make a swirl inside the "halo" you created in step two, and then create a line parallel to, and to the left of, the one connecting the original halo and circle.

Step 7

Complete the rose. Now, you can erase your sketch marks or color over them with colored pencil.

If you follow these simple steps, you'll end up with a beautiful rose and stem. You can use this technique to draw bouquets, too. Even if you aren't artistic, you can draw a rose.


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