How To Draw a Tiger Lily

A tiger lily is undoubtedly a great and elegant flower. This is true not only in terms of real flowers but also in artwork such as a drawing. With the exquisite color and shape of the flower, it is always an art subject that will be popular among young and old artists alike regardless of the level of their drawing skill. So if you are one of the many who want to draw this wonderful flower, here is a helpful guide that can come out handy for you:

  • Get a tiger lily model. If you have a tiger lily at home, it is best to pattern your drawing to it. This is because with a tiger lily upfront, you can easily observe the characteristics of the flower and its details and colors. However, if you don't have one, a photo of a tiger lily will work just the same for you. There are a lot of images you can search online to serve as your model. If you are beginner, choose the basic tiger lily images. If not, there are a lot of variations of tiger lilies out there that you can experiment on.
  • Work on the stalk of the flower and then the leaves. Draw first the tiger lily stem. To make it appear as natural as possible, do not make the stem a perfectly straight one. Rather, draw little imperfections and curves in the stem. After the stem is completed, start adding the leaves of the lily. You can add as many leaves as you want or depending on the number of leaves that are in your model.
  • Draw the flower itself. If you will notice, a tiger lily has six petals forming almost like the shape of a star. Hence, to easily draw the flower, mark the heart of the flower's position and evenly draw six rays that are coming out of it. These rays will act as your guide in giving volume to the flower. Take note that when giving details to the petals, the tiger lily is made of three top petals and another three petals at the bottom. The shape of the petal of the flower is somewhat elliptical.
  • Add the details of the flower. What will make the flower artwork as a real tiger lily are the spots and the stamens. Hence, do not forget to add those spots in the petals and six stamens coming from the inside of the lily.
  • Color the flower. You have the option to color the flower or reserve it for later to decide on what to do with it. If you prefer to color it now, ink the lines of the drawing first and make sure that every detail is already defined. Choose your preferred coloring material for this project.

A tiger lily will always be a great artwork you can do from time to time. Though you cannot always expect that your drawing will be the best every time, continue practicing sketching this subject. With your patience and determination, you will be one step closer to creating a great tiger lily artwork without much difficulty.


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