How To Draw a Trojan Horse

The Trojan horse is the symbol of Greek’s mighty ingenuity as narrated in Virgil’s poem, “The Aeneid.” The Trojan horse enabled the Greeks to finally penetrate the heavily guarded city of Troy and won the epic battle. It was a giant horse – that was a “gift” for the people of Troy but it contained Greek soldiers that ambushed them once the horse was inside.

The appearance of the Trojan horse is different from the drawing of a real horse because its proportion looks like a toy – making drawing it somehow easier. Get your sketch pads and your pencils ready and learn how to draw this epic Trojan horse through these step by step instructions:

  • Prepare a clean sheet of drawing paper. Take a piece of clean sheet of drawing paper and lay it across the table. Be sure that you’re not using a glossy paper or a thin paper that might be hard to draw on. Use soft pencils preferably a 3B or a 2B. Soft pencils make it easier to draw shapes because they don’t skid on the paper.
  • Start drawing your Trojan horse. At the upper right area of your paper, draw a circle that would represent his eyes. You may add some detail to his eye like shading the circle for another effect or you may draw a small pupil inside the circle to give him another look.
  • Draw the head. Draw a rectangle that has rounded edges as the horse’s snout. Remember that the circle should be at the topmost of the rectangle. Connecting the snout should be his mane so draw small half squares at the top and connect the squares with lines in between.
  • Draw his body. Next would be to draw his body. Start drawing a line from the “chin” and extend it downwards so it would look like its front legs. Continue drawing a line horizontally (perpendicular to the “ground level”) and draw another line vertically upwards to complete his front legs.
    Draw the same lines (2 vertical lines and one horizontal line) to make his hind legs. Be sure the length and the proportion are the same. Put a gap in between the legs so you can draw a line to connect the two. That line would be the horse’s belly. Add a thin rectangle at its back as his tail.
  • Put some hooves. It was said that the Trojan horse was pushed with wheels on its hooves. Draw half circles at the bottom of his front and hind legs and draw another circle within those circles to represent a hole. Shade the area between the outer and inner circles – that would be the wheels.
  • Fine-tune your drawing. Now that you have drawn the horse, fine tune the drawing by putting details on his body. Draw smaller rectangles on the body to represent the hatch where the Greek soldiers came out when they were inside the city. Add another line to thicken the outline of his body or add some shadows to show “depth.”

It’s not only on pencil and pad that you can draw your Trojan horse. You can use software for sketching like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop to do the trick with the help of a digital pad and pen. You may use this as visual aid for history lessons as well.


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