How To Draw a Turkey

Let's face it - not all of us are artists. If you struggle with drawing animals, you're not alone. The good news is there are easy approaches to drawing just about anything. Here is a quick and simple way to draw a turkey.

Step 1

Look at your hand differently. For this artistic feat, you're going to be using your hand as a guideline on how to draw a turkey. So have a good look at it first. Your thumb is the turkey's head, and your other 4 fingers are feathers. See the resemblance? Good. Now remember that as we continue with the instructions.

Step 2

Trace your hand. Put the hand that you don't write with flat onto a piece of paper. (Make sure that the paper is larger than your hand!) Then spread out your fingers and trace around your entire hand lightly with a pencil, stopping at your wrist on both sides. When you're done, don't move your hand. Instead, just move your pinky slightly to create a fifth feather. Now remove your hand and create a rounded turkey bottom by joining the two sides with a pencil line. When you're done, it should look like you've traced a hand with 5 fingers, and no wrist. (You can always shift your entire hand and trace your ‘feather fingers' again to give your turkey drawing a fuller look.

Step 3

Give the turkey some features. With the base of your turkey drawing complete, you can start to add some features to it that will make it actually look like a turkey. First, draw a beak on your thumb. A simple triangle jutting out from the side of your thumb will do. Then draw a gobbler underneath that. Gobblers are just a few, rounded dangly things drawn right beneath the beak. Add eyes and some simple feat under the body. (Feet can be as simple as two upside-down ‘Y's.) Then add little tiny feathers to the body of your turkey. These can just look like several long strings of ‘U's going across the turkey's body.

Next, add more detail to the tail feathers. Start by separating the tips of your fingers that you traced from the rest of your fingers with a dark line. This will be the white tip at the end of the tail feathers. Then draw a dark line down the center of each one, starting under the fingertip line you just drew. Create a feathered look for each tail feather by drawing a bunch of ‘V's down each tail feather, ensuring that the point of the ‘V' falls on the dark black line you just drew down the center of the turkey's tail feather.

Step 4

Color your turkey drawing. Once you have filled in the tail feathers, your turkey drawing is basically complete. Now you should think about adding some color to really bring this turkey to life. The eye can be colored in black, and the gobbler itself should be red. The feet and the beak should be yellow or orange (or a mixture of the two). And the feathers of the turkey you drew can be a mixture of the fall colors - orange, red and brown.


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