How To Draw Angry Cartoon Expressions

Watching cartoons is a past time that anyone of any age enjoys. Drawing cartoons on the other hand is not. It takes a certain skill to be able to draw simple cartoons and simply drawing cartoons or cartoon characters on their own is already quite a feat. However, adding expressions like anger is much more difficult. You’ll be drawing in detail the character’s face: its eyes, eyebrows, wrinkles, etc. Here are a few steps that can help you how to draw angry cartoon expressions.

  • Look in a mirror. The best way to draw a cartoon expression is to base it on yours. Grab a mirror and make an expression. Hold your expression and look at all the details on your face. Look where it wrinkles. Look at the shape of your eyes, lips, nose, ears, etc. Carefully examine every thing you see in your face and memorize it. Visualize it first in your head then proceed to draw. Try finding a table that is close to a wall mirror and draw there. This will make it easier for you to examine the details of your face as you make an expression. You could also have someone hold up a mirror for you.
  • Get a muse. If you find it difficult to keep looking back at a mirror every five seconds while you draw, then you should get a muse. Ask one of your friends or family members to make the angry face for you while you examine them. However, keep in mind that if you are drawing a man or woman of a certain age, make sure your muse fits the bill (e.g. if you need to draw a teenage male’s facial expression, make sure your muse is a teenage male).
  • Look at another cartoon. If you find it hard to draw a real human being’s facial expression, draw another cartoon’s facial expression. Find images of any cartoon character showcasing the same emotion you want to draw or find a cartoon character showing the same expression on the television. This time, you can use the cartoon character as your muse. You can examine the features of a certain character and use it as a basis for drawing your character.
  • Draw the face. After visualizing your face and the look of it when you emote, it is time to draw. Draw your cartoon character’s angry face keeping in mind how the parts of your face (e.g. nose, eyes, eyebrows, etc.) are positioned.
  • Drawing shows. You could also try looking online or on the television for shows that teach you how to draw. These shows, like “Art Attack”, can teach you their techniques on drawing cartoon facial expressions (e.g. happiness, sadness and anger).

Drawing is not something that comes easy. So always remember to keep practicing drawing cartoon faces and facial expressions. Keep in mind the steps mentioned above for they will surely help you. Who knows, maybe after a while, you could be creating your own cartoon character.


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