How To Draw Anime Faces

Anime is the word for animation in Japanese. This style of drawing has grown in popularity and usage with the spread of Japanese drawing techniques and story concepts such as manga. Anime is used in Japan to draw picture stories in any kind of genre, be it fantasy, drama, action or science fiction. This article lists some simple step-by-step instructions on how to get started drawing in the anime style, particularly faces.

Step 1

The basic shape. Using paper and pencil draw an oval resembling an egg, with the shorter end pointing downwards. Draw a curved line towards the left side of the oval and another horizontal curving line bisecting the oval, a little below the centre of the oval. The face you will be drawing with these instructions will be tilted towards the left; hence the two crossing lines are drawn more to the left than the center. Just above the horizontal line, on the left side of the oval outline, create a small indent to resemble the eye.

Step 2

Adding the hair. The hair is one of the distinctive features used in anime - it is usually very spiky and placed over the forehead in very sharp bangs. Add the bangs at the top of the horizontal line in the oval, with some loose, spiky strands on the left and right sides of the oval face. Cover the top of the oval with more hair to give it a solid look.

Step 3

Adding the eyes. The next step in drawing an anime face is to add the eyes. Since the face is tilted to the left, the right eye should be a smaller circle-like shape (not a perfect circle), the left eye, which is towards your right since you're facing the drawing, should be another imperfect circle. Darken the outlines of these two circles; they will form the eye sockets. They should lie just above the horizontal line which bisects the face. Sketch in two ovals within the circular sockets to depict the pupils and draw sharp curves over the sockets for eyebrows. Embellish with shading to give the appearance of wide open eyes.

Step 4

Adding the remaining features. We are now left with the nose and mouth left to be added to the face. For the nose, you can sketch in pointed small triangles depicted the nostrils alone, or draw a long line from the eyes and downwards and curve it over the two nostrils to form a full nose. For the mouth, draw a smallish triangle facing downwards or a line curving downwards to depict a closed mouth.

The most distinguishing feature of anime drawing is using sharp lines and angles, the chin should be more pointed and the eyes really wide. Draw long flowing tresses for female faces and hair in upward spikes for male faces. Keep practicing till you get clean lines and features.


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