How To Draw Anime Guys

Do you wish to also create anime guys like the ones you see on manga? Cool! By knowing how to draw anime guys, you can put your artistic ideas of how anime guys should look down on drawing paper. The most important part to note is the face in drawing the anime guy. There are details that are common to almost all anime guys that include distinct angle of the face, exaggerated eyes, tiny noses, and more elaborate hairdos in exotic colors.

In order to draw anime guys, you will need a sketch pad, pencils, and watercolors or charcoal for shading.

  1. Draw a circle that will define the boundary of the face. Usually, anime guys have noticeably bigger heads compared to their body built, however, you can deviate from this rule. There are various ways on how you can project your art.
  2. Draw a half octagon at the bottom of the circle. Guys usually portray their masculine look by the sharp point at the shoulders and chin. 
  3. Erase the lower portion of the circle that overlaps with the octagon. The remaining part of the circle shall outline the shape of the face.
  4. Draw two lines dissecting the circle into quarters. This will serve as the guideline of the remaining details of the face such as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
  5. Draw two large circles at the upper half of the circle. These will form the eyes of the anime guy. Anime guys have relatively large eyes that depict their emotions. Then place some thick eyebrows above the eyes. Even the way the eyebrows are arched also is a way to illustrate some feelings. Anime guys don’t need many details on eyelashes in order to avoid looking more feminine. A few strokes will do.
  6. Draw the nose below the intersection through a dot. Also, you can draw the nose in the form of a soft angle with one leg lengthier in the vertical side.
  7. Below the dot, draw a slit, which will serve as the mouth of your anime guy. Locate the mouth a little closer to the chin. You may not also need so many details on the mouth to remove the feminine appeal of accentuated lips.
  8. Draw the hair of your anime guy. You can put a style on them such as a spiky look, a close-cut, or a masculine long hair.
  9. Add clothing and accessories to your anime guy. If you draw samurai attire, add up a sword, or if you want it a sporty look, draw in some sports paraphernalia.
  10. Outline with heavy marks those necessary lines and erase the guidelines. You can add some colors on your anime or simply shade in some of its parts that depict the shadows.

If you are also fond of making short stories, you can incorporate this knowledge of drawing anime guys in order to make a little magazine. Make this as a hobby and who knows how far you can go with drawing anime guys?


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