How To Draw Anime Humans

If you are a manga fan, then anime characters must be a familiar style of art. And actually, you can start this fun hobby of drawing anime humans right here, right now. Depending on your artistry level, you can start with simple anime humans and gradually elevate your skills with constant practice. The most distinctive variety when it comes to anime drawing is anime humans.

As you may have noticed, two of the most outstanding features of anime humans are the eyes and hair. Here are some tips to help you sketch out these features:

The Face

  1. Sketch the shape of an egg. This will form the face—rounded sides but pointed bottom (chin). The location of the pointed portion defines how tilted the face would appear. Beginners will be guided accordingly by first plotting two axes—the horizontal and the vertical.
  2. Sketch a cross. This will make the bigger portion of the egg follow the shape of a circle. The intersection will also define the direction to which the anime human is facing.
  3. Make a slight indentation of the eyes. Make the intersection as a guide on how tilted the face of the anime should look.
  4. Sketch the lines of the neck and the shoulders. Extend two lines that are curving outward from the chin of the face. These curves will form the contours of shoulders and neck.
  5. From the contours of the shoulders and neck, you can trace the hairstyle of your anime human. Always be guided of the direction the body is facing with the intersection lines.

The Hair

  • Start sketching the bangs with quick strokes. This will create a hairstyle that flows freely.
  • Form the head. This will have an effect on how thick or thin the hair of your anime human would be. This should not be drawn as to give the head a flat look, but instead should follow the curve of the egg.
  • Sketch the hair strands by drawing quick strokes while bringing down the hair. Make sure there are just enough lines to shape the head because too many lines will flatten the look.

If you know how these two essentials are being transformed to anime humans, you can make anime drawing as a fun hobby. You just have to learn about the basics and you can go far more with the details. It is just about knowing how to draw a human and transforming it to an exaggerated one.

In terms of the body, female anime has higher waist and longer neck and legs. The female anime is also made thinner in terms of body structure. On the other hand, the masculine anime have broader shoulders and can be traced with muscles in the legs, arms, and abs.

In drawing anime human, it is important to maintain realistic proportions of the head and the body at the beginning. Later as you master the skill, you will also learn how to deviate the virtue of balance and yet create a more appealing anime human.


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