How To Draw Anime Weapons

If you have an inclination for drawing anime characters, then it might be helpful to learn how to draw anime weapons. In animation, the key part of the action is played by the weapons. For instance, weapons can vary according to personalities and powers of the anime characters. Some of the most popular anime weapons are swords, axes, wooden staffs, machetes, rapiers, spears, and scythes.

Pointers On Drawing Anime Weapons

  1. Decide on the character of your anime, his personality, and power.
  2. Draw the guidelines for the anime weapon. There are weapons that need to be thin and straight such as spears. Use a ruler in drawing these types of weapons. Also, consider in the drawing the material to be used for the weapon, whether it will be made of wood or metal.
  3. Add the mechanisms of the anime weapon at the point where the initial line is located. The mechanisms include the arrowhead and metal bayonet for spear and the rounded knife with razor sharp edge for scythe and machete.
  4. Sketch the sword handle with short and horizontal lines wrapped around hilt. To accentuate the Japanese look of the weapon, insert symbols or characters at the handle.
  5. Create the depth of the anime weapon by adding in glint of light to the metal weapon. Do this by drawing an asterisk symbol at the tip of the sword and shield. Also, you can add some sweeping curves to imply movement of both the character and his weapon. There are also weaponry effects that signify magical powers used by the anime hero.

Tips And Reminders

  • Anime weapons are usually not drawn to scale. You can even give a character an extremely giant sword with a very small scythe. Whether to emphasize a movement or the anime power, there is no existing rule regarding how the size of the weapon is defined. In fact, you can give a character a very large weapon and still give it the impression of a lightweight weapon.
  • Anime motions are added for effects by the light impressions traced behind the weapon. Also, to denote a quick movement, you can draw the weapon in multiple images with the thickness increasing, as the images get closer.
  • Western weapons such as guns and grenades are not popular with anime weapons.
  • It will be helpful for a more appealing movement if the anime character is also dressed accordingly.
  • Make sure also that the hairstyle of anime characters match the personalities they portray.

There are various movements that you can create out of knowing how to draw anime weapons. In fact, anime weapons are one of the principal factors affecting the action. To master this skill, make sure to practice drawing various movements using the weapons and their effects.

Knowing how to draw anime characters and weapons is a great way to spend time as a hobby. In time when you can already plot a story, you can even turn this hobby to an income generating activity.


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