How To Draw Boxing Gloves

It doesn’t need an in-born talent to learn drawing. Some people may be better in drawing than other but it doesn’t mean you cannot learn it through practice. At one glance, drawings may seem complicated and difficult to do. But the truth is, every drawing is composed of basic shapes. The trick is to imagine what these basic shapes are and then build the drawing using those shapes. Practice your drawing skill now by making a boxing glove.

The basic boxing glove drawing is the top view of a boxing glove. Follow the steps to draw this:

  • Imagine the basic shape. Look at a boxing glove closely. Imagine the basic shapes that are making it up. You see half-circle, rectangle, and oblong. You might also see light bulb, tear drop, and rectangle. This step is really up to your imagination. The basic shapes that you see on the glove will make up your drawing.
  • Draw the body. Start with the pear shape or light bulb shape. This will make up the boxing glove’s body. 
  • Draw the thumb. This is an upside down tear drop shape. The center of the shape’s fatter portion should be touching the side line of the body. Meanwhile, the edge of the thinner portion should be lined up on the body’s side. 
  • Finish the boxing glove drawing. Draw the glove’s outline with heavier line.
    Add the stitches at the glove’s bottom. Imagine separating the gloves in four parts. Draw horizontal line at the first ¼ portion from the bottom. Add broken lines just below that horizontal straight line. This will be the stitches.
    Finish the thumb part, too. Continue the curve from the main shape down inside the teardrop shape so that the line will represent for the thumb. Add small lines from the sides of this line. This will highlight the stitches for the glove’s thumb. 
  • Erase the unnecessary lines. Keep only the lines that will make up the boxing glove drawing. Drawing the basic shapes so lightly will help erase the excess lines easily. 
  • Perfect the boxing glove drawing. Make the outline heavier if needed. Add more details at the fat points. The lines will give it more of the gloves look. 
  • Add another boxing glove. If you want to pair your first drawing with another glove, then draw it by following the steps 1 to 6. The only difference is that you will put the thumb at the other side of the new glove. Drawing this should be easy with the practice you’ve done with the first glove.

Add more details to your drawing by adding shadow or adding more elements to it. You can also draw the boxing gloves in a different perspective--instead of drawing the top outer view, draw the inner view. Change the position of the gloves, too. Instead of drawing them straight up, draw them lying down inside the ring. Follow the same steps but change the basic shapes and the detail. Draw more things besides boxing gloves. Constant practice will sharpen your drawing skills.


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