How To Draw Bubble Letters

Glossy bubble font graffiti alphabet

Drawing alphabets which resemble bubbles is a very easy and fun activity. Once you've mastered this technique, you may want to go even further in your artistic endeavors.  Why not take some online classes?

It needs no more than paper and pencil; you can let your imagination and creativity run riot as you create different shapes. The easy way out, in drawing bubble letters, is to use readymade stencils, available at any art supplies store; these are available in a variety of sizes and fonts and all you need to do is to place them on paper and draw out the shapes! This article, though, shows you to draw bubble letters in freehand, in easy-to-follow steps. Get started!

Step 1

Materials needed.

  • Paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Color markers or pens

Step 2

In the beginning. Write any alphabet or word that you want on the paper, using a pencil. Make sure to print the letter or word in a big font size.

Step 3

Expanding. Drawing freehand, create an outline on the outside of the letter or the first letter of the word, following the contours of the alphabet already on paper. Continue drawing these outlines until you've reached the size you want the bubble letters to be in. Repeat this process for the remaining letters of the word as well.

Step 4

Erasing the insides. Leaving the outermost outline intact, erase the remaining lines you've drawn inside, including the original letter outline. You should now be left with a big blob looking like the letter you first drew. In the middle of this bubble letter, draw small inner outlines to form the full letter.

Step 5

Outline and color. Use a thick marker or pen to trace out the outermost and innermost outlines of the alphabet. Fill in the rest of the shape with any color you want.

Step 6

Some extras. If you want, embellish letters such as O with large orbs in the center or the sides to resemble eyes. You can string the various bubble letters forming a word in a chain, such as those you see in large hanging banners or flying messages.

Use bubble letters to make your own greeting cards or fliers for any event. You can also draw bubble letters on stiff cardboard paper, color them and then cut out the individual letter shapes. String them together with a thin colored ribbon or tape and hang them over doors or at the tops of arches. There is no end to the number of ways you can use bubble letters for a variety of projects; classes in art can help you come up with even more uses and writing styles. This is a fun activity to take up with your children during long vacations.


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