How To Draw Cars

Using a few reference lines and basic shapes, you can learn to draw the full side view of a car. For this, you do not need to be an accomplished artist and the materials required for this endeavor are as simple as pencil, paper and ruler. To find out how you can draw a car, read through the step by step instructions which follow.

Step 1

Materials needed.

  • Drawing paper
  • Soft lead pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Black pen or marker

Step 2

Getting started. First, using a ruler, draw a straight line towards the lower half of the paper, to depict the ground. Above this line, draw two circles, representing the wheels. The distance between the wheels should be about 1.75-2 inches.

Step 3

Reference lines for the body and roof lines. Above the two circles, draw two more lines, one above the other. The first line will depict the middle of the car, where the windows would end; the top line depicts the roof of the car.

Step 4

Creating the body. Draw two vertical lines, on the left side of each circle, the two lines should stretch across the ground, body and roof lines to create a rectangle. Within the rectangle, draw two slanting lines from the roof line to the middle line. The right side slanted line should end exactly at the point where the middle and vertical line of the rectangle meet. The second, on the left side, should not touch the center line but cross the left vertical line slightly above the former. This will give you the general outline of the body of the car. At a distance of about one inch on either sides of the wheels, draw two small vertical lines - the one on the left will depict the trunk of the car, while the right one will depict the bonnet line. Connect the wheels to the bonnet and trunk lines using lines which slant upwards. You should now have the full outline of the car, as it would look, if you were standing facing the two doors on one side of the car.

Step 5

Shaping the car. Using a clean eraser, rub-off all the vertical and horizontal lines used as a reference, except for the parts which are now part of the car's outline, and the two wheels. Using a slightly darker pencil, start creating the low bonnet and higher trunk shapes of the car; also draw a straight line between the two wheels to give you the chassis line.

Step 6

Windshield, wipers and windows. At this point, it will help if you have a side-view picture of a car as a reference. This will give you an idea of the placement and design for the front windshield, wipers and side windows. Add detailing to the bonnet and back bumper, such as the front and rear lights and a curve for the bonnet. Draw a line in between to form the front and back doors and windows. Embellish with door handles and a rear view mirror.

Step 7

Create the wheels. Fill in the two circles with rims and spokes to give them the appearance of wheels.

Step 8

Finishing the detail. Using a black pen or marker, draw the full outline of the car, using light and dark pencils to provide the shading for the tires, the front and rear bumpers, spokes, etc.

Take a look at the drawing you just made. Is it a car? Yes, it is! Practice till you can make it more realistic, you can then use color to fill up the interior details. Browse the Internet to find hundreds of programs which provide instructions to draw a variety of cars - from vintage to race cars, different models such as the Corvette, Camaro, Audi, etc. If you are a car buff, you will definitely enjoy the activity!


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