How To Draw Common Asian Features

Asia is the largest continent and has about 60% of the world’s population. People in this continent are called Asians. They have prominent features that distinguish them from people in other continents such as their dark hair and eyes. Like any other drawing, the first step in creating a subject with an Asian feature is to get a photo as your reference. If you know an Asian, you can observe his features as well as his expressions that can help you in your drawing. There are different nationalities in Asia that you can check out. Once you have your subject, get your materials and you can start drawing.

  • Head. Draw a rounded head as most Asians have this. Make the chin slightly pointed and put a bit of roundness on the jaw.
  • Guide. Make a cross or “t” shape inside the face that will serve as your guide in putting the eyes, nose and mouth. You can do this by drawing a vertical line on the center of the face that goes from the top of the head to the chin. Then draw a horizontal line that will cross the vertical line, which will serve as the guide of the eyes.
  • Eyes. Asian eyes are usually farther apart. A prominent feature of Asian eyes is that they are fairly straight on the top with a slight curve on the angle and a curve that goes vertical at the side of the bridge of the nose.  Other people in Asia like Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese have more angles in their eyes while others like Filipinos, Indians and Malaysians have eyes that have angles that are slightly downwards. Add the eyelids.
  • Ears and eyebrows. Draw the ears outside the face and the eyebrows above the eyes. Eyebrows are not that thick but usually tend to look strong.
  • Nose.  An Asian nose is generally not pointed. The bridge of the nose starts wide and gets narrower. Some have rounded nose while others are not that rounded but not that pointed as well.
  • Mouth and cheekbones. Asians do not have angular and wide mouths. They are usually small and not too thick. You can make the cheekbones look stronger by shading.
  • Hair. Most Asians have dark, straight hair. If your subject is a girl, make the hair longer to emphasize its straightness.  If your subject is a guy, just draw a short but still straight hair.
  • Finalize. Draw the final touch by making your lines darkening the lines that you would like to show in your drawing.
  • Erase. Remove the guide lines and other unwanted lines by erasing them.
  • Add colors. Asian skin is not too light and not too dark. It’s more of a tan or golden in color. The hair and eyes are also dark. You can use black for the hair as well as the eyes.

Drawing an Asian is just like drawing any other person. You just have to focus on the key features that distinguish them from other races and incorporate them in your drawing to achieve an Asian look.


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