How To Draw Ghost in the Shell Characters

The “Ghost in the Shell” is an ultramodern, suspenseful police story about the adventures of a part human, part robot character, Motoko Kusanagi. She is an associate of a secret operations unit of the Japanese Public Safety Commission or Section 9, which is dedicated to battling crimes of a technological nature. The “Ghost in the Shell” setting is in the cyberpunk and futuristic Japan. Created by Masamune Shirow, it started out as a Manga or Japanese comic series and was later on adapted to an anime film under the direction of Mamoruu Oshii. There are many characters involved in this Manga, anime and film series including the other members of Section 9. To draw this band of characters, you will need to learn how to draw a basic Manga character. From there, you can pick out your favorite “Ghost in the Shell” person and start your drawing project. Here’s how you can do it:

  • There are several choices of characters n the “Ghost in the Shell” to choose from. Select your favorite character that you would want to draw. Before starting to draw, study all the features of this character from the facial expressions to the hair and body movements. This is what you will want to capture in your drawing to keep it as close to the original character as possible.
  • The first thing to do would be to draw a circular shape to serve as the top section of your character’s face. Look for a center point on the circle and mark it. Lightly sketch an “X” that will intersect on your center point cutting across the face. Below your center, make a guide line going downwards and out of the circle, making a rough estimate of how far down you would want your chin to be. The edge of your bottom circle will be the area of the nose, and somewhere in between the nose and chin area, you will draw in the mouth.
  • From the lines of your X at the two edges on the side, draw a connection bringing it down to the chin area. Find a center point from the middle of your circle to the bottom edge. Mark your point. Sketch a line across it. In between the two lines you have drawn within the circle, and on both sides, you will draw in your character’s eyes. Right it in the middle of the two points in your circle, you will be drawing in the nose bone. This will be in between the character’s eyes. Draw the nose cavity below the nose bone, based on the type of nose your character has.
  • Mark a line on both sides of the nose bone. Draw in two circles on each of these sides to begin your eyes. Within the circles, draw in 2 oval shapes sideways to serve as the eyes. In between the nose and the chin and at the bottom edge of your circular shape, start drawing in the mouth of your character.
  • Begin to fill in all the details of your character’s face, including expressions, especially on the eyes. This is a very unique Manga feature. The character’s eyes are normally larger than usual and can portray so many expressions so you must try to translate that to your drawing.

Mastering the art of drawing Manga and anime characters can give you the proper techniques to creating any character you wish, whether to make your own story, or to simply keep as a favorite piece of work.


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