How To Draw Graffiti Names

Graffiti is not about vandalism or spraying obscene images or words alone, though, it is certainly how most of us visualize when we hear the word. In reality, graffiti is an old art form used by the Romans, to write artistically on walls and other outside surfaces. If graffiti interests you, it is important to know the basics of this art form. Once you're done with the basics, it is up to you to use your creativity and imagination, to develop your own style of graffiti. Listed below are some of the basics you need to master in your quest to learn how to draw graffiti names.

Step 1

Learn about the different forms and styles. Graffiti styles and versions vary from place to place, region to region, and country to country. The best way to find out and learn about the different forms of graffiti is to browse the Internet.

Step 2

Basic drawing. Drawing names in graffiti style is similar to that of drawing bubble letters. Begin with some drawing paper and soft lead pencils. Write out a name in a big font leaving about an inch of space between each of the letters. The letters should be drawn in a block form, which will help when you begin embellishing the letters in graffiti style.

Step 3

Adding a style. Choose any style with which you want to embellish your letters. Some popular styles are bubble letters, sharp or round edges, different sizes for individual letters or go wild thinking of whatever creative shapes you want. Outline the letters in the style you finally decide on. Use shading to provide a 3D effect to the letters. Next work on adding some symbols, such as stars, lightning bolts, etc. Create a block or bubble in which the name and symbols form a single unit to look at.

Step 4

Make corrections or changes. Once you've decided on a style and effect you like for your graffiti name, put away the pencils and copy your final drawing onto another sheet of paper.

Step 5

Adding color. Use markers or color pens to outline your final design, but stay away from using too many colors at first. Keep your first few designs simple and basic until you get the hang of the graffiti style.

Keep experimenting with different designs and colors until you gain some proficiency in graffiti. There are no fixed rules or theories to follow and it depends only on how much you can stretch your imagination and creativity. While you're learning, it will definitely help to keep images or pictures of the different styles of graffiti as pointers to guide you along the way.


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