How To Draw Hairstyles for Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration is the art of providing people with an understanding and keeps them in the know of what the current trend in fashion is. It is also the perfect setting to exhibit a collection of fancy designs that the illustrator has imagined and wishes to show to the viewers. These illustrations are frequently more modish in style than the more traditional fashion portraits. Through drawing, it is able to communicate designs in fashion. Drawing particular hairstyles into fashion illustrations enhance the appearance of the drawn in models and gives them a distinctive look, complementing the outfits they wear along with their facial features. A fashion illustration cannot be complete without the perfect hairstyle, which is equally important to every item included in the design. Here are the steps for drawing fashion hairstyles:

  • Fashion magazines are a great source of inspiration. Hair magazines can also give you several ideas as to how to draw your favorite hairstyles. Study them and see which ones strike your fancy. Prepare your materials of sketch pad, pencil, and eraser, and get started.
  • Before beginning to draw your hairstyle, you must already have the head and facial features of your model drawn in. If not, start by drawing an oval shape for the figure’s head, drawing one vertical line and two horizontal lines, running across the oval. These are the lines that will serve as your guide when drawing the facial features including the eyes, nose, and mouth. Complete the details on each of these features.
  • Draw in the ears from the line you drew in for the eyes to a little above the line drawn in for the mouth. Now you will begin to draw in the hair, trying to avoid using pencil strokes. The pencil is not able to do several changes when it comes to the tones and lights of strands of hair. Be very careful when doing this because drawing hair can be quite tricky.
  • Study the picture of the hairstyle you have chosen carefully, recognizing the main sections first. Do not pay too much attention on out-of-place strands. Just focus on the major mass of hair in the picture. Make an outline of its sections and form, drawing it lightly on your paper.
  • Using a soft pencil, draw the dark shades without touching the highlights. Lightly draw the more visible hairs that are lighter than the rest while moving the dark ones near them to have an easier time when doing your erasing. Draw in tiny marks where hair strands may cross between other strands and ensure that you go towards the direction of where the curl does. Begin drawing the hair’s medium tones, down to the lighter tones.
  • You can start coloring in your hairstyle. By using various shades you can produce some great looking highlights and add depth and texture to the hair.

Be as imaginative as you can when drawing hairstyles. Whether long or short, there is so much you can do to come up with a great look. Accessorizing is another way to give your hairstyle a distinct personality and make a fashion statement all your own.


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