How To Draw Japanese Cartoons

Japanese art is vividly distinguished in its cartoons, commonly called anime and manga. These two Japanese cartoons are similar in their looks, only that anime is popularly used in TV and movies while manga is popular in print. Japanese cartoons are identified for their large eyes but smaller mouths and odd hairdos. Also, Japanese cartoons are made to exaggerate emotions such that the cartoon’s face can be occupied entirely by its mouth to portray a huge laugh. Also the eyes can pour buckets and buckets of tears when the cartoon is in great distress.

Knowing how to draw Japanese cartoons is an excellent partner of knowing how to develop storylines. Japanese cartoons have been a part of contemporary drawing. This is a skill to treasure. You will need years of practice in order to master the art.

The head. When drawing Japanese cartoons, the basic shape that you will need is a circle. Draw a circle on the upper part of the paper, giving enough space for the body. Then define the chin and the jaw by drawing a less sharp funnel shape at the lower half of the circle.

The face
. Draw a small curve at the bottom part of the circle to form the mouth and another one to form the nose. Unlike the nose and the mouth, the eyes of a Japanese cartoon are more exaggerated. To do this, draw a downward curve to make the upper edge of the eyes. Then draw the upward curve below the downward curve. Connect the two curves with a circle. Shade the inside part of the eye circle. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the eye. Add some stroke of eyelashes. For female Japanese cartoons, make the lashes bolder for more feminine look, while make it thinner for male to project masculinity.

The body. Japanese cartoons have distinguished body structures. Female cartoons usually have thin structures, long legs, and small waists. On the other hand, male cartoons have wide shoulders and portray the look of fighters. Costume is another important aspect in drawing the bodies of Japanese cartoons. Depending on what kind of fighter or hero your Japanese cartoon is, there is a suitable wardrobe for it.

The weapon. Japanese cartoons usually play a part of a hero. There are various weapons for various heroes. The most common weapons are swords and axes. Weapons play a vital role in animation both in manga and in anime shows or movies. Action can be best witnessed in the way weapons are animated. The trick in drawing anime weapon is that it must be drawn without consistency to the size of the Japanese cartoon hero. A thin hero can have a very long sword that he carries on his back and act as if there is no load to carry.

Knowing how to draw Japanese cartoons is a good way to spend leisure time. This can be made to one of your collections or trade in cards.


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