How To Draw Low Rider Trucks

Low riders are vehicles such as cars and trucks that customize their suspension structure, normally with a hydraulic suspension, allowing it to have the capacity of riding as near to the ground as it possibly can. More often than not, low riders are 1950 car models that had the ability to actually ride low. Several cars from the 40s and the 60s have been custom-made as well to have this capability, along with some more current models. Cars that feature hydraulic suspensions can also give the driver allowances to change the height of the vehicle’s ride, especially when it is driven on rough roads. This gives the car the capacity to jump when necessary. Low rider fans frequently outfit their vehicles with fancy colors, furnishing them with several accessories to enhance their style. This may include tinting their windows, lowering seats, extending rear view mirrors, and other add-ons to give their vehicles a distinctive appearance. To draw a basic low-rider truck, here are the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Begin by sketching 5 lines along the length of your drawing paper in varying sizes. Draw in two lines that go downwards on the sides at the center of the drawing paper.
  • Proceed to do an outline of the body of the truck. By beginning at the truck’s front portion, draw in the bumper of its nose. Move on to the truck’s hood and its roof. Draw that in as well. Draw at the shape of a box, which will be the truck’s door. Move downwards and begin to draw the circular shapes that will form the wheel well of the vehicle and its tires. Now start drawing the truck’s bed, followed by circular shapes for its tires at the rear end.
  • Start to sketch the details of the truck. On its front portion, draw the grill for the front and the fender at the bottom. Include fog lights. Draw in the outlines for the inner rims of the truck’s wheels. Place details for the rear end of the truck, drawing in the finishing outline running along its bottom area as well as the side. Draw the lights at the back of the truck.
  • Draw any remaining details for the truck’s rims, its grill, and its lights. Beginning in front, draw two horizontal lines and two vertical lines for the truck’s grill in front. Place all the details necessary on the vehicle’s rims, ensuring that they are done evenly and with a rounded appearance. Place in the lines needed for the plastic lights at the rear-end of the truck.
  • Use an eraser to remove all the unnecessary lines you used as your guide. Fill in your truck with your desired color.

You now have a finished product of a low rider truck drawing. You may fill in as many details on it as you wish since a low rider is basically a customized vehicle that can be decorated according to what you want. You may check out pictures of other designs that you would like to incorporate into your work too.


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