How To Embellish Quilting Fabrics

Embellishing quilt fabrics is a fun way to make a quilt personal, turning an ordinary coverlet into a treasured heirloom.  The ways to enhance are unlimited, and provide the chance to make even quilts made from the same fabrics distinctive and unique.

One of easiest ways for embellishing quilt fabrics is to use matching or contrasting thread to outline the prints in the faric, stitching through the quilt top, batting, and backing.  Solid fabrics may also be embroidered with small designs, either transferred from a template or free-handed on the quilt fabric.  Designs could match a personalize theme or be simply random patterns of your choosing.

Quilt fabrics may also be embellished with the addition of pretty buttons.  Buttons can be added in irregular designs, or they could be arranged in deliberate shapes or even pictures, such as flowers or stars.  Fancy buttons can be showcased on coordinating quilt fabrics, as well; shaped buttons, such as butterflies, animals, or school-themed items can also be fun additions to quilt fabrics.

Beading is also an easy way to embellish quilt fabrics.  Flowered fabrics may have seed beads added as the bloom's centers; butterfly, lady bug, or dragonfly beads embellish flowered quilt fabrics add interest to traditional calico quilt fabrics.  Larger beads can be added to embellish patterns printed on fabrics or to create designs on solid fabrics.  Beads can also be added to the edges of quilts as decorative fringe.

Yet another way for embellishing quilt fabrics is with inks or fabric paints.  One method is to wet fabrics and randomly drip inks, allowing them to bleed over the cloth before cutting quilt pieces; heat-set the ink with your iron.  Designs may also be painted onto fabrics-before or after pieces are cut--with brushes and fabric paint.  Cute rubber stamps may also be used to embellish quilt fabrics; especially elegant are metallic inks or paints on dark quilt fabrics.

Of course, it is also fun to combine several of these techniques to embellish the quilt fabrics.  Embellishing the quilt fabrics by choosing favorite colors and stamps or designs that reflect special interests or hobbies of the intended recipient will make the quilt even more precious.  It's easy, inexpensive, and just plain fun to create these one-of-a-kind comforters with simple embellishments.


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