How To Emboss

Embossing is the art of creating a raised picture onto a surface. There are a couple different types of embossing. Dry embossing is one, heat embossing is the other. Either type is simple and fun to do. Here, I will explain both methods.

For dry embossing you will need stencils, a light box, card stock, masking tape and a stylus. Begin by placing a stencil in the middle of the light box. Tape the edges of the stencil down to hold it in place. Lay a piece of card stock on top of the stencil and tape the corners down.

Now turn on the light box. With the light box on, you should be able to see the stencil through the card stock. Firmly, but gently so as not to tear or puncture the card stock, trace around the stencil outline with the stylus.

After you have traced around the entire stencil outline, remove the card stock from the light box. You should now have the raised image of the stencil on the card stock.

You can leave this image plain, or you may color and/or decorate it as you see fit. Either way you will have a wonderful work of art.

For heat embossing you will need card stock, rubber stamps, heat gun, embossing ink pad and embossing powder. Select one or more rubber stamps and use them to stamp a pattern onto the card stock. Cover the pattern with embossing powder.

Pick up the card stock and pour the extra powder back into the jar so that the stamp pattern is covered with powder but there is no powder on any other part of the card stock.

Finally, heat the powder using the heat gun. If you do not have a heat gun you could use another source of heat such as an iron or light bulb. However, avoid using a blow dryer as this will only blow the embossing powder off the paper. The heat melts the powder leaving a raised image behind.

As before, you may leave this image plain or decorate it as you wish. Regardless, the finished work will be outstanding.

Embossing is not limited to paper. This art form can be performed on a variety of other materials such as leather, copper or velvet to name a few. However, paper is the easiest of these materials to emboss. Therefore, it is a good medium to practice on.


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