How To Enhance Your Creative Writing Today

5 Top New Tips

Do you find that however much you try to write differently, you somehow keep returning to the same formats, the same themes, and even that it feels like you're writing the same sentences over and over? Are you even boring yourself with your creative writing? Then maybe it's time for a fresh approach.

Here are 5 new tips you can use to help inject your creative writing with a little excitement and experimentation once more:

  1. New Stimulation. If you're always in the same surroundings, you won't give your senses and your mind any new stimulation to stir up your creativity. Visit somewhere you've never been before, somewhere very different from your usual environment. Or spend some time just sitting in a street front café watching the world go by, wondering what people's lives could be like. Or visit an artistic venue like a gallery or exhibition to energize your inner creativity.
  2. New Perspectives. Look around where you are right now and pick an object at random, like a book or a pen or a cushion. Imagine your life as if you were this object and write about an eventful day. Focus on every element and every sense. For example if you picked a cushion, don't just write, "I sat on the sofa all day." Write something more like: "Emma had some friends over last night, so my evening was spent being cuddled by a stream of deliciously perfumed women, each leaving the impression of the warm contours of their bodies on me before passing me over..." Be as descriptive as possible!
  3. New Identity. We all know people whose lives we think are SO much more interesting than ours. So choose one of these supposedly interesting people, imagine you were this person and write about your life. You could go either way with this: Either assume they do have incredibly varied and interesting lives and have fun describing all they get up to, or reveal that, in fact, it's all a show and they actually have a life that includes as much predictability and mundane chores as anyone else's!
  4. New Rules. What rules do you impose on your writing? Maybe you don't even realize what some of them are? For example, all sentences must be of a certain length, or 3 adjectives can't be used next to each other. Throw the rulebook out the window and write purely from the sound of the words and the memories and feelings they evoke. Forget about grammar and perfect sentence structure; just fuse different collections of words together and see what they inspire.
  5. New Techniques. What creative writing techniques have you heard of and always wanted to try but never have? Spend some time researching a few and commit to finding out how they work, and then try them for yourself. Don't get caught up in expecting to write a literary masterpiece; just write for the enjoyment of writing and to experiment. The more different techniques of writing you're aware of, the greater the depth and richness your writing will have overall.

These are just 5 great new tips you can use to enhance your creative writing today.

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i didn't know number 4, but now that i know, i will practice it

By Dalton Khamala