How To Enter Instant Win Sweepstakes

A sweepstakes is a kind of game where the players are able to win prizes if their sweepstakes tickets win. This game is done to promote products and services to the consumers. Instant win sweepstakes are different from the standard sweepstakes because you do not have to wait for the draw in instant win sweepstakes. All you have to do is enter the sweepstakes and you will be notified if you have won or not when your entry has been submitted. Some sweepstakes are from Hanes, Disney, American Airlines and a lot more.

You can enter instant win sweepstakes so that you can win free stuff and other prizes. There are a lot of online instant win sweepstakes that you can enter into, and here are some of the few websites where you can find them:

  1. - This is a website where you can see a lot of links for other websites that have instant win sweepstakes. Check the website constantly so that you can see if there are additional instant win sweepstakes that you can join.
  2. – Sweepstakes Advantage is a directory where you can find websites that have free online sweepstakes, contests and giveaways and much more. You can browse the website based on the prize that you want to get, the destinations or where you can find the sweepstakes.
  3. - This is the HSM website. You can join the instant win sweepstakes on the website and you can get a chance to win the $80,000.00 anniversary giveaway. You can win a trip to New York City, HSN gift cards and other raffle prizes.
  4. - This webpage features a lot of ongoing instant win sweepstakes from several websites. You can win vacations, electronics, cash, movie tickets, gift certificates, game consoles and more. It is good to check on the website often to see if there are new instant win sweepstakes that are added.
  5. - This webpage has an archive for all the instant win sweepstakes that you can join. There are sweepstakes from different brands, magazines, entertainment websites and more. This website is updated often so you have to check regularly.
  6. - This is another website where you can find ongoing instant win sweepstakes. There are many choices of sweepstakes to choose from. Some of the items that you can win are cash prices, gift cards, vacation trips and more.

These are some of the websites where you can join instant win sweepstakes. Look for websites that have been around for a long time so that you are sure that it is not a scam. One of the longest running instant win websites is Clearing House. You can check the website at This company has been giving out different prizes for over 20 years. It is good to join these instant win sweepstakes so that you can get a chance to win expensive and luxurious items just by entering.


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