How To Etch Glass

Etching glass is a great way to personalize glass, and is also a great art project.  Etching glass is easy and fun; once you learn how to etch glass the options are endless.  After you know the technique for etching, get creative and etch all kinds of different things.

First find the thing that you want to etch; this can be any type of glass product.  You can etch everything including drinking glasses, glass bakeware, glass tabletops, windows, jars, and glass picture frames.  Just make sure if you are using something which you will eat from that you only etch the outside, not the part that you are putting food on.

You next need to decide what image or words you want to etch.  You can use any type of sticky material to etch over.  Stickers work great and they are inexpensive.  You can find letter stickers in every size, that will let you spell out any words you want to etch.  You can also find shape stickers that will look great etched on many items.  Just remember that when you etch the sticker you will only see the outline shape, so you will want stickers in shapes such as hearts, stars, flowers, or other clearly-defined shapes.

Wash the item you are etching and completely dry it.  Place your stickers where you want the image to be, look at the image and make sure it is exactly how you want it to look.  Depending on which side of the object you are etching you might have to put the stickers on in a mirror image to make the words look right.

After you have made certain that the image looks exactly the way you want, you can start the etching process.  You want to work on a clean protected surface.  You can buy etching liquid at any drugstore or hobby shop.  Follow the directions on the bottle so you know the dry time and any other details unique to your product.  All you do is simply "paint" the etching products all over the surface that you want to etch.  You can either paint inside the stickers to only have the words etched, or you can etch the surrounding area to have the whole item etched except the words.  Once you have finished etching your item make sure you let it completely dry.  Once your etched item is dry the etching is permanent. You can then wash it, and use it like normal.


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