How To Exchange Your Poker Stars Play Chips for Cash

Apparently, the time you have put in Poker Stars has paid off by amassing millions of chips in free play. This accumulation of wealth is amazing and only a few people can brag about it. However, most people with hefty amounts of chips numbering in the millions do not know that you can actually monetize your winnings in free play. Yes, you heard it right. You can exchange those Poker Stars chips for real money. Here is a simple guide to follow to do so.

Search for websites that purchase Poker Stars chips. To give you a full understanding of how exchanging your Poker Stars chips for real money works, you must first know why people would trade their cash for free chips that they can win by playing. As a new Poker Stars player, you will be given 2,000 chips to start with. It is up to your poker skills to increase your chip count by playing. However, some players don’t really want to start from the beginning. There are some players that would love to begin their online poker career with a cartload of chips and they don’t mind paying good money for it. Since you know there is a demand, the first step in the process of exchanging your chips for cash is by doing a search on Google using the keywords “poker stars chips exchange for cash”. The search should provide you with websites that will trade you money for your chips. These sites then sell it to other players or use it for their own online poker efforts. Anyway, proceed with the search and explore the websites listed.

Contact the site operator. Look for websites that have contact email addresses published or a live chat interface integrated. Send an email or better yet initiate a live chat with the operator of the site if he is online. Normally, these sites will have people on call but if they don’t wait for a time that someone will be live and waiting for chat-based inquiries. You can opt for an email if you don’t have the time to chat but this may slow the process down. In any case, inquire on their rates. Typically, most sites will have an average exchange rate of $10 for every million of chips. Inform them of your total chips and get the total rate in dollar if you proceed with the exchange.

Proceed with the exchange. Normally, the process entails your logging on Poker Stars and playing at a table where the operator is located. You need to be in the same table to proceed with the exchange. The transfer is usually done real time but it should take Poker Stars at least 15 minutes to transfer the real money into your account. While waiting, a good exchange operator will wait until you confirm that you have received the money. To transfer the chips to the operator, all you have to do is to right-click on his username in the table and select the “transfer play money chips” button. Once the operator receives the chips, he will proceed to transfer the money to you. Bear in mind that this process is quite risky so make sure to do a background check on the website or username of the operator for previous scam complaints posted online. A quick Google search should do the trick.

Poker Stars has no official regulation against this practice. At the same time, they are not legally liable for the losses on the exchange. The process is risky but if you select the right exchange operator, your free play winnings can turn to real money that you can use to open a real money poker account or use at your preference.


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