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Make Gold Fast and Easy in WoW!

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Farming gold in World of Warcraft does require a bit of patience. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to farm several thousand gold per day on your own. But you can certainly make several hundred gold per day.

I'm going to give you a list of a bunch of different ways to make money in the game. You can choose what interests you most, because farming gold in World of Warcraft can be monotonous and boring. 

  1. Pick up two gathering professions. I recommend mining and skinning, or mining and herbalism.
  2. Kill mobiles that drop both gold and cloth, or gold and skins. This way you get double your money.
  3. Kill yeti if you have skinning. They drop gold and you can skin them!
  4. If you're a rogue, don't forget to use your pickpocket skill! You can get money and healing potions out of the boxes!
  5. Do not choose crafting skills! They cost money rather than making it, unless you have rare and in-demand patterns.
  6. Solo instances. Solo instances that are much lower than your level and sell the green. Vendor any bind on pickup items.
  7. Buy low, sell high. Take a look at the auction house and buy up any cheaper-than-normal items to resell.
  8. Run twinks through instances. You can pickhow to farm wow gold up a few gold just running twinks through VC! Run several at once for more!
  9. Pick up fishing. At lower levels, there isn't quite as much money, but high level fishing is very lucrative!

You can mix and match these methods, or you can use just one method consistently. The important thing is to make sure you're not going to be too bored. Farming gold can be incredibly boring, because it's often very repetitive. If you choose something you enjoy, or you mix things up and do different things, you can help keep things a little less monotonous.

Whatever you do, please don't scam other players or be extremely rude. You may want your gold as quickly as possible, but there are certain things you should never do in order to make money.

Things NOT to do:

  1. Do not ninja loot in instances. If you do this, you may soon find you can't get into groups for them anymore!
  2. Do not skin another player's mob. You can skin it after they have moved well away from it, but not before.
  3. Do not mine a vein or pick and herb if another player is fighting near it. Ask them if they want it first.
  4. Do not mine or pick an herb in a group without asking if anyone else wants it. You may need to roll for it.

Just remember, everyone deserves to make gold. You're not the only person playing, and you don't deserve that ore vein or loot drop any more than someone else. Those players are real people, and you should respect them, even if you only do so because you don't want to become known as an "untouchable" that never gets invited to groups!


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