How To Fill Out an "SR" Copyright Application Form

Filling up an SR copyright application form is important for serious musicians. This protects them from the event that some other person somewhere else steals their work and claims it as their own. Copyrighting a single song or a whole album would require the same process. Filling out an SR or sound recording form is not that difficult. It would only require a couple of minutes and a pen.

The top right hand section of the form should be ignored because it is not to be filled out by the applicant. You should only start filling up the blanks below the first gray line.

In the first section, fill out the title of the material to be submitted. If it has been published or distributed under another name anytime before then, write that name directly underneath.

Section A in the second section of the document should be where you put your name if you are the original creator. Also write in that section the required information regarding dates of birth and death of the original author. Underneath it, check the box marked yes if the original author was hired to create the material to be submitted. Of course check the box marked no if that is not the case.

Next fill out the nationality of the creator in the space provided. On the right side check the box to signify if the author’s contribution to the material was anonymous or synonymous. If the creator used a stage name, the box marked synonymous should be checked.

Sections B and C are where you should write the names and other information regarding additional authors to the material. This is assuming that there was more than one person involved in creating the material.

In the third section, fill out the year when the material was accomplished. Also supply the date and country of the material’s first publication in section B. Write the date, month, year, and in what country the work was completed in the spaces provided.

Section four is for copyright claimants. The name and address must be provided even if it’s the same person as the creator. This is where the original creator’s name and address should be written down. This is important especially when the original work is being transferred to your name. There is a space right below to put that information.

The succeeding sections five to seven are on the second page of the document. These are to be filled out if this is not the first time the material is registered. This is usually done when the work is updated or drastic changes have been made to it.

Section eight is for certification. This is the part where you certify that you have provided the correct information and that all that you have written down is true. Below that is a space where you should write your name and current date. Directly underneath that is where you should put your signature.

Having your audio material copyrighted makes sure that you have exclusive rights to this work and no one can take it from you. This protects you as the author from someone stealing your work and taking credit for it.


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