How To Find a Coin Appraisal Service

The Internet has become the simplest way to find a coin appraisal service. Some of the auction sites also offer appraisals. offers appraisals on many items including coins. The problem with online services is that you have to send photos and descriptions, which will never take the place of actually seeing the coins., which stands for "What's it worth to you?" also has an excellent staff of appraisers.

Coins also have an assigned value if they have been professionally graded. In that case you should be able to place a value on the collection without the services of an appraiser. By looking through many of the listings, you will be able to get an approximate average of the value of your coins. This will help you determine whether or not the collection is valuable enough for the cost of an appraisal.

  • Yellow Pages
    Other than researching on the Internet, your next option would be to check the yellow pages of your local phone book. You may have to call each one and preferably find one who specializes in or is at least familiar with coin values and is nearby. Check the listings for coin clubs, coin collectors, appraisers and numismatic associations.
  • Classified Ads
    Check the classified ads in numismatic magazines and coin and currency catalogs. Coin appraisal services often run classified or display ads. Also check the ads for coin collection clubs and associations. By joining or becoming familiar with the group, you should be able to get several recommendations on finding a coin appraisal service. Your local newspaper and local buy and sell publications may also offer ads that have been placed by coin appraisal services. Try to find an appraiser that's not too far away, in case you need to physically take the coins to them, so they can actually see them. If all the coins in your collection have been graded, you may not need an appraisal. The total value of your collection will be the total of the retail price of all items combined.
  • Insurance Companies
    Local insurance companies and insurance agents may also be able to make a recommendation to find a coin appraisal service. Contact the ones that offer home owners or renters insurance. Don't run ads asking for an appraiser to contact you. That would be a sure way of letting unscrupulous people know you may have a valuable collection worth burglarizing for.

Over all, The best and safest way to find a coin appraisal service is through other collectors or antique shops in your area that you are familiar with.


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