How To Find a Food Picture Online

One of the most famous blog topics is food. The most obvious reason for this is everyone wants to eat well-prepared and delicious food. A food blog is more appreciated if there are food pictures in it. No matter how tempting your descriptions are, a picture that says it all is still better. If you plan to write about food and you need pictures to support it, the following online sites can be useful:

  • As its address indicates, this website is a library of high quality food photographs. The food pictures here can be used not only in blogs, but also in magazine articles, food packaging, food advertising and design. This website claims that their pictures are of the highest quality, easy to use, and easy to download. Competitive pricing and secured method of payment is also their advantage. As for color quality, all pictures are already color-corrected, flawless and are high resolution. To look for pictures, there is a search box and a drop down menu. You just have to type the keywords if you chose the search box. These can be used if you already have a particular picture in mind. If you are still looking for options, it is best that you select a category first in the dropdown menu. Option to request for a customized picture is also accepted.
  • Food photography is just one of the many resources that you can find in this site. A website that tackles food history, the Food Museum Online has exhibits of different types of food. In these temporary exhibits, you can see pictures that may have historic meaning or was presented in a much creative and artistic way. Being a website that promotes identification and preservation of all things associated with food, you can try and see if the food picture you are looking for can be found here.
  • Just like Food Photo Library website, Food Image boasts of high quality pictures. They only work with professional photographers to come out with the pictures you would want. You will continuously read the phrase “royalty free”. Royalty Fees are common in the music and publication industry. This can be associated with patent, however, instead of a product, the item is a song or a poem. For, there is no limit in using downloaded pictures compared to other stores that you only have one time use for each paid pictures. Lastly, this website offers a choice of downloading between a high resolution and a low resolution image. To decide on this, you have to factor in size, cost and purpose of buying the picture.
  • This is a website for designing. Food pictures is just one of many concepts that they design (includes home interior design, garden and nature pictures. This website can be your least priority of online source of pictures because of its minimal emphasis on food pictures.   
  • Having the largest food database online, this website claims that they are the leading food picture agency. Its search filter is more advanced compared to others because it has options that include the following: only outlinable food images, no outlinable food images, only ingredients, only recipes, only with people. You can tick all at the same time or none at all. This food picture site also has a search by country feature, recipe service wherein you can get the procedure for making the mouthwatering picture, and lastly, it has the best images for any specific food (and even drink) industry that you prefer. There are many options of picture types to choose from. There is Right Managed Images, and the Royalty Free images. For the Right Managed Images, you can choose between a standard and high resolution file. For the Royalty Free Images, there are four options: low-res, medium-res, high-res, and super high-res.


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