How To Find a List of Book Club Books

So you're starting a book club. The avid reader in you has been yearning for someone to share your thoughts about all the great books you've read. Or maybe you're someone with very little time but a great love of reading, and you don't want to waste that precious time on just any book. But what books are appropriate for a book club? Books that evoke emotions, raise questions, open our minds to other possibilities and thereby create discussions are all contenders for a book club discussion. After all, that's the point of a book club, to discuss books. So where do you find these types of books?

A great place to start would be your local library. Often the staffs have recommendations of books worthy of a book club discussion. They might even have a recommended reading list.

If you're searching the web, your major book sellers are a logical place to start. If you type "Book Club Recommendations" into the search engine, the site will pull up a number of options.

If you want a year's worth of reading, complete with book descriptions and links to online stores to purchase the books, check out the "Book Club Reading List" on By clicking on a book, you'll pull up an online shopping comparison guide with both new and used prices.

If you looking for a community of book club readers to join then check out where you can join and get not only recommendations for your book club reading list, complete with reviews by other book clubs, but also recommendations on successfully running a book club. It's free to join this site.

The most popular book club is probably Oprah's book club. You can find out her recommendations by typing Oprah Book Club into your search engine.
is another great site to check out. Like, they offer a synopsis of each book, but this site allows you to search books by genre, author, title, theme's, favorites and most requested. They also have an online community where you can ask questions and get answers from booksellers and librarians, as well as read interviews with authors.

Once you have your reading list in hand, check out which contains hundreds of reading guides. Reading guides will help you come up with questions and discussions for your book of choice. Don't read the reading guide first though, or you might spoil the ending.


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