How To Find a Model Agency for Pets

If you are crazy about your pet, you might have thought of making everybody see how adorable she is. You might dress her up and take her to dog parties or even join her in some competitions. Another thing you might consider is finding a model agency for pets. Pet model agencies pay quite well depending on their popularity and list of clients.  

Pet London. This pet agency is probably the number one pet modeling agency. They cater to different pets from dogs to horses. Costumes and props are being used for print and TV advertisements. You can pay for an annual or a three-year membership. Considering their numerous clients, shelling out a bit of money will be worth it. You can send a photo of your pet and apply online. Somebody from the agency will get in touch with you once you have sent in your application either by online or by post. They have the most number of clients but know also that they do have the widest selection of pets to choose from. Your pet might be lucky and earn hundreds of pounds for an assignment and be that popular name known by everyone. 

Models Direct. This agency deals with different kinds of models including pets. Just click on the pet button and it will take you to the application page. As above, an annual membership fee is required. What's good about this website is that it has success stories. You will be inspired to get your pet into modeling because you will get to read about other member's experiences. You can read about their first shoot, how their pets performed. It will make you excited and you will look forward to posting your success story in the future. 

Elmo's Wardrobe Star Academy.  Teamed up with Alpha K9 crew, this website can have a number of projects lined up for your pet. They are very casual, easy to deal with and what's more, it's free. Even if your pet does not land a spot in that funny TV ad, you can be proud to show off that your pet is listed with a pet modeling agency. What you need to do is just sign up by giving some details about your pet and a bit about you. Send a photo of your pet and you are done. It might not be a regular pet model agency but it is open for browsing for the entertainment industry. If anybody notices your pet then they will get in touch with you. There is really nothing to lose. 

Finding an excellent model agency for your pet will be beneficial to you and your little charmer. Be wary of agencies that could just waste your time and money. You can also get in touch with your local government office and find out if any local pet modeling agency is listed. Find one that is recommended and known with dog owners. It is better to be wary than trust someone who just might end up conning you.


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