How To Find a Private Teacher for Music Lessons

Learning to sing or play a musical instrument is a lot of fun, especially if you can find a teacher to give you private music lessons. A private teacher can give you one on one instructions and point out your errors and weaknesses immediately so you won't develop bad habits as you are learning. Listed below are a few tips on how to find a private teacher for music lessons.

  1. Web Sites Online -  There are Web sites online that are like directories for music teachers. Each teacher has a profile on the Web site so students can view each teacher's credentials. Look for music teachers that are within your local area, they are going to be the most accessible teachers because you or they won't have to travel too far.

    Music teachers can teach you how to read notes, sing or play a musical instrument. You can select a music teacher that plays and teaches the musical instrument you want to learn. The Web site probably has categories for each instrument so you can click on that and be presented with a list of teachers available for that particular instrument.

    A music teacher's profile will also include the type of music they specialize in aside from the instruments they teach. Most students already have a musical genre that they prefer to play with the instrument they choose so finding a match with a private teacher that prefers that type of music will be an advantage.

  2. Ask Local Musicians - You can find musicians at local bars, theatres, or recording studios. Approach them when they are taking a break and inquire if any of them are music teachers. You may ask if they or someone they can recommend can teach you how to play an instrument or sing. But before approaching one you can catch a show that they will be performing in so you will get to see the extent of their talent and find out if their musical performance will inspire you to play like them. You can find musicians employed at music shops and music schools. Ask them if they know of anyone who can give you music lessons as a private teacher.
  3. Community Paper and Billboard - Your local community has a lot of information posted in your community paper. There may be listings for music teachers in your area in the local paper but be sure to also check the community billboard if there are ads posted from music teachers. Musical performances are also listed on the billboard which you can attend and possibly ask any of the musicians to be your private teacher.

You can learn music the right way with a private teacher in your own home. It is also important to find a music teacher that understands the musical direction you want to take with your instrument or voice.


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